Dr. Bob McCabe Is Blogging

One of the benefits of my recent trek to DBTS was getting to know Dr. Bob McCabe. We’ve exchanged emails back and forth, in particular because I was delinquent in submitting forms needed to complete my application to the seminary. (Dr. McCabe is both intelligent and forbearing, and I am especially grateful for the latter.) I have a lot of respect for him and the other faculty members of the seminary for their ministry to future pastors and their sound scholarship.

If you haven’t yet heard, Dr. McCabe has waded out into the flogospher (the nickname for fundamentalist blogs). He has already increased the average intelligence of fundamentalist bloggers (insert joke here), and I assure you that his posts will be much more substantial than most you read at MTC or elsewhere. He specializes in OT studies and Hebrew and enjoys pursuing biblical creationism, but he also posts on other miscellany from a biblical perspective.

Add “My Blog” to your blog reader or make a mental note to stop by often. Get your feet wet by reading through his 2-part series on Psalm 1 (part 1 and part 2).


11 Responses

  1. Thanks, Chris. I am still getting my feet wet in blogging. So I will see how this works out.

    As an aside, are coming to this year’s MACP?

  2. We aren’t sure whether to call him Dr. Blog McCabe or Dr. Bob McBlog now. What do you think?

  3. Nice, Pearson! I like them both!

    (Of course, neither is as creative as “My Blog.”)

  4. You are right. He doesn’t lecture on creation for nothin’

  5. There is an “evolution” to the title “My Blog”☺

  6. We look forward to seeing the title as it continues to “emerge” from the primordial soup.

  7. Hopefully, I will not lose my creative flare with a name change to “My Blog.”

  8. Hi Chris, though my creative juices may be a little suppressed, I have changed the name of “My Blog” to “Fearing God in a Hebel World.”

  9. Very nice. I was banking on the fact that you’d work some Hebrew into the name.

    I’d love to see a post on the thinking behind the name, especially for those of us who are linguistic Gentiles. :)

    (Note: Hebel is a Hebrew word that occurs often in the book of Ecclesiastes and is generally translated as vain/vanity.)

    I’ll look forward to more contributions from you, friend!

  10. Ah, you’re sure to get a Hebrew lesson now, brother!

    One thing you’ll learn: it can be frustratingly enigmatic at times :-)

  11. I am glad you asked about the Hebel. The word hebel is taken from Ecclesiastes 1:2, “Hebel of hebels, all is hebel.” The word is often translated as vanity; however, I have taken it as “puzzling” or “enigmatic.” Solomon describes all of life on earth as “puzzling.” This is what life is like in a sin-cursed world. The change in the name of my weblog focuses on the area of biblical study where I have my greatest interest, Ecclesiastes, though I will continue to provides posts on Psalms as I warm up for the summer school class I would like to teach in the summer of 2008. Because I want to connect my weblog to Ecclesiastes, I connected Solomon’s final exhortation, “fear God” (Eccl 12:13) with the subject of Ecclesiastes, “the puzzling nature of life on earth” (Eccl 1:2). Thus, the title “Fearing God in a Hebel World.”

    I actually had given some thought to a name like “Fearing God in a Frustratingly Enigmatic World.” By using Hebel, I wanted to present an enigmatic website☺

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