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About MTC


MTC is a place where I express thoughts about things that interest me.  Some are silly.  Others are extremely serious.  All are offered up for consideration and comments.  Just be nice, especially to me.

Categories of conversation at MTC will include the following:

  • Book Reviews and Discussions – Reflections on Books Written by Smart People…Especially Dead Smart People
  • Contemporary Issues – Biblical Perspectives on Today’s News & Controversies 
  • Devotional Thoughts – Lessons Learned about Our Glorious God & His Word
  • Fundamentalism – Thoughts on the What, Why and How of Christian Fundamentalism
  • God is Good! – Trophies of the Lord’s Grace at TCBC and Abroad
  • Ministry Musings – Thoughts on Philosophy & Practice of Local Church Ministry
  • Ministry Resources – Things that Help Me & Might Help You
  • Notable Quotes – Quotations from People Smarter than Me
  • Parody Pages – Good-Natured and Friendly “Pokes” at Recent Blog Offerings, Lest We Take Ourselves Too Seriously
  • Ridiculous – Warning: Things That Might Make Your Head Explode
  • Snickers – Comic Relief from Things that Crack Me Up
  • The Junk Drawer – The Place for Stuff that Isn’t Really Junk, but Doesn’t Fit Anywhere Else
  • Web Gems – Things on the Web Worth Checking Out (HT: ESPN’s Baseball Tonight)

5 Responses

  1. Chris,

    I am trying to figure out how to upload my sermons to our website so my family can listen to them across the country. Any suggestions or tips on how to do that? By the way, I have taken over the position of pastor at Heritage Baptist Church in Dover, NH where Steve Ridge was. He went down to NC to help his brother in law. God has blessed our first couple months.


  2. Chris, the previous comment had the wrong email address on it. Please respond to this address.


  3. Hi, Taigen.

    If you’re talking about uploading 1 or more a week, you may want to set up an account for your church with sermonaudio.com.

    If you’re talking about an occasional sermon, especially for your family, check out podomatic.com. You get a lot of space there, and it’s simple.

    Both sites are linked to on the left hand column of MTC, under “My Sermons.” There are plenty of other options, but this is what I’ve used. Hope this helps.

    Praise the Lord for the opportunity at Heritage, brother! I’m excited for you. I’d be glad to “talk shop” anytime. My email is pastorchris(at)tricountybible.org.

    May the Lord continue to bless your ministry!

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  5. I’ve just started blogging a few months ago, and have been looking for blogs to promote! I found you looking for the words “Is It Gonna Burn.” Praise the Lord, and bless you!

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