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All the hymns that were previously available at My Two Cents have been moved to a new site to make them more accessible. Please refer to www.churchworksmedia.com, where you’ll find the same hymns (and new ones) available as free pdf’s. Thank you!



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  1. Chris,
    fine hymns…question though, why write them with “thee” and “thou”, etc?

  2. Hi, Sam.

    No reason, really. I used archaic pronouns for Holy, Mighty, Worthy because it just seemed to “fit,” both with the older, traditional feel of the hymn and with the rhyme scheme. To change them in that particular song would kind of “gut” it.

    I haven’t continued to use them in more recent songs, though, and I probably won’t in the future, at least not typically.

    FWIW, I think archaic language can be effectively retained at times without losing anything. For example, in Before the Throne of God Above has as modern a feel as any hymn we sing, yet it has words like “graven” and “thence.” I know it’s an older text, but I think avoiding archaisms at all cost can sometimes be a negative thing. Poetry sometimes just uses elevated speech: ‘Tis, fewer contractions, etc.

    Sorry for the rambling answer. Short answer: “It felt right.” :)

  3. My wife sang, “His Robes for Mine”, Sunday morning. Pastor Hartog liked it so much he asked Jessica if he could get a copy to use in his own devotions. She got many comments from people about the song, and not just the people that gush about everything! :)

  4. Praise the Lord, Jesse!

  5. […] This is a really good song that my sister showed me the other day. […]

  6. Chris,
    I love your hymns. We used ” My Jesus, Fair ” last month for our hymn of the month at Calvary. Everyone seemed to love the hymn. I plan to use your others in the near future. The texts are wonderful and the music is stiring and beautiful- [pass that on to Greg]
    Thank you for writing meaningful and appropriate hymns which honor our Holy God and Savior. Thank you also for making them accessible.
    In Christ, Jerry Maxwell

  7. Hi, Jerry.

    Thank you for your kind words. Praise the Lord! There are few church musicians I admire as much as you, friend, so your compliment means much!

    Perhaps I’ll twist your arm about working on a choral arrangement of one of they hymns sometime… :)

    Speaking of which, thank you for the arrangement of Immanuel (From the Squalor) you sent for Christmas. Our choir used it and we enjoyed it very much!

  8. Chris,

    I just moved to Nebraska to begin work as a youth pastor. We sang My Jesus Fair last night with the teens and they really seemed to like it. The tune is very well written and complements the message well. Praise God for music that properly exalts the person and work of Christ! Keep up the good work.


  9. Chris,
    Our church has decided to add your songs as a supplement to our congregational singing repertoire. I have especially enjoyed “My Jesus, Fair”. We sang it last night for the first time and I received many positive comments. Our churches need more music like this–with singable tunes and rich doctrinal message. In publishing our supplement, I also published the doctrinal reasons for the verses that you have published on your sight, and I have encouraged our people to read through them to understand the hymn and worship better. Thank you again for all of your work and hope there are many more to come.

  10. Chris,
    “My Jesus Fair” is beautifully done. This is a hymn in the truest sense of the word. I love worshipful music with “big ideas”, thoughtfully and prayerfully crafted…this is one of them!
    Diane Heeney

  11. Chris,
    I was going through “His Robes For Mine” in my quiet time early this morning, and have to ask…do you mind if I share a link to this page with the readership of my monthly email (I’d love to share it on my blog too, but I won’t be that bold…right now…>smile<)? I know you have made this material “public domain” at this time (bless you for that); but I wanted your okay before doing this. The email goes out to hundreds of ladies…many are in the ministry in churches or on the mission field, with very limited resources. What a balm this would be for them, to have access to such fine material. Please let me know. Thanks again to you and Greg for using your gifts to bless so many.

  12. Hi, Diane. Thank you for the encouraging notes. If the hymns are being used to help believers meditate on our great Savior, they’re fulfilling their purpose! Amen!

    (BTW, your brother just walked out of my office. He and I have spent time together taking in Greece and Turkey, and he’s become a dear friend. Small world!)

    As for use in the venues you mentioned…

    Please feel free to use the hymns in both publications—the letter and the blog. I rejoice that the Lord is using them. I received a call a few minutes ago from someone else asking a similar question regarding the copying of the printed music for distribution in a local church. I’ll try to be clearer, lest there be confusion:

    Official permission to use the hymns posted on this site (including the reproduction of texts and/or musical scores for corporate use) is granted under the following conditions: (a) the hymns are not to be altered in any way, (b) the hymns are to be distributed free of charge, and (c) recognition is given to the author and composer. If the hymns are to be used in a formal publication (such as an audio recording, hymnbook, or any project which will be sold), please seek further permission before use.

    Frankly, since the hymns are dispersed simply by word of mouth, if the last condition (c) includes a link to the hymn page of this site, all the better. I’ll try to assist in that by getting the site address on the bottom of the pdf’s of the hymns in the future.

    I hope this is clear and helpful! I praise the Lord for the interest!

  13. Chris,
    Glad you got to hang out with Dave…he’s one of my favorite people! =)

    I’ll be sure and post your “blurb” with the link…who knows how else the Lord will use your web site as folks come to investigate the music.

    Thanks so much,

  14. I want to thank you so much for writing these hymns! I first heard My Jesus Fair at Morningstar Baptist Church in Illinois when I was on vacation, and I have since introduced them in my home church. They are such a blessing, and I so appreciated the ease of downloading the music!
    I am always looking for songs and hymns that have deapth and not just saying the same things over and over. I appreciate the “older terms” as well…I do not think those take away from the hymn necessarily.
    Thank you!

  15. […] Last night we also introduced a new hymn to the teens.  The title of the hymn is His Robes for Mine.  This is a wonderful new hymn about the justification that we have through Christ.  Chris Anderson has written some new hymns that are very doctrinally rich and Greg Habegger has set them to music that is very singable and fresh.  You can find the hymns and doctrinal explanations here. […]

  16. […] A page on my friend Pastor Chris Anderson’s web site, offering some new hymn texts he’s written (music by Greg Habegger).  These are excellent!  He is offering them free for your use.  We’ll be looking at one of them at the Red Cliff Ladies Retreat.  Chris and Greg will soon have their own website.  https://mytwocents.wordpress.com/hymns-ive-written/   […]

  17. […] song by Charitie Lees Bancroft (1997), entitled Before the Throne of God Above.  Also, we sang one of Chris’ hymns.  With all the Isaianic doctrine of the Suffering Servant floating and swelling in my heart, Joe […]

  18. Chris — “My Jesus Fair” was featured/learned at MACP last week. We’ve also been singing it regularly at I-C worship services (including during communion service last week). We really learned it at Family Retreat in August. We sang it in almost every service there. Great blessing!

    Sorry I haven’t sent you anything to listen to on the quartet arrangement yet. We’ve had a lot of health problems in the group this summer and are just now getting back in gear together. By the way, we’re going to be in Medina, OH in a couple weeks and will probably sing the song there. God bless.

  19. Your music is amazing. I was wondering if any of it had been arranged as Choral pieces. And where can I purchase the music. I am the music coordinator at our church and think that your harmonies are great!
    Thanks and God bless.

  20. Hi, Leah. Thanks for your encouraging words. Hopefully, the music you find here will help you and others see that our Savior is amazing. :) I do appreciate your kindness, though, and I agree that Greg’s compositions are a great fit for the texts.

    As for choral arrangements, we’re intentionally writing for congregations. However, it appears that there may be some arrangements published in the future. If so, I’ll post a link.

    Our choir recently sang Praise Our Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s more difficult than the others, and I was skeptical for a time. However, we sang it in the worship service last week, and it was very well received. We followed it up by having the congregation sing it. I was actually very, very encouraged. It has a robust sound that reflects what I believe is a robust text which covers almost every phase of Christ’s work. You might give it a try with your choir. In fact, I think it is a very appropriate text for Christmas.

    Because we were teaching it, we did the first verse in unison (except for the last line of the refrain), had SA on the 2nd, parts on the third (slower and more legato due to the text), then a tempo and unison again on the 4th. Our pianist provided nice interludes between v. 2-3 and v. 3-4, making the transitions quite nice.

    I’ll probably post on this soon. Hope it helps!

  21. Chris,
    I am teaching “His Robes For Mine” to our church this month. What a great text. Many have already commented on what a blessing it was to them. Thanks for your ministry to our church!

  22. Praise the Lord, Rob. I appreciate your mentioning it. Amen.

  23. Bro Chris,
    This Sunday my ladies trio will be sharing “Holy, Mighty, Worthy” (with a little tweak at the end) with our congregation, and in the evening I will offer “My Jesus Fair.” These are beautiful, fresh pieces that folks simply can’t sing (or listen to) without being engaged. Thanks again for blessing so many by offering so freely.

  24. […] (tunes) Eric Alexander (lyrics) Joan Pinkston (tunes) Dan Forrest (tunes) Brian Pinner (tunes) Chris Anderson (lyrics) Margaret Clarkson […]

  25. Chris,
    At our church, we try to sing one of your songs in every sunday morning servive. Hearing my congregation lift the name of the Lord up while singing “His Robes For Mine” is just somethimng special. Q: Are you working on any new songs?

  26. Andrew,

    What an encouraging and humbling note. Praise the Lord.

    We’re always writing something. :) The one most recently published at the ChurchWorks site was Salvation’s Cup. Have you seen that one?

    If you sign up for the Facebook group or the CWM newsletter (at the site), you’ll be notified of new releases.

    Thanks again for allowing us to exalt the Savior with you and your body!

  27. God will get you to eterninty were we are all serching for.

    God has given you a gift and I am going to e-mail the Holy, Holy, I worte nothing in your leauge but it got me a A at the Univeristy of Long Beach State from my profrssors.

    Keep it up!

    God Bless,

    Jeff Forde

  28. I didn’t know you had a personal blog… I found you through a link on Pastor Barney’s (Hampton Park Baptist- Greenville, SC) blog.

    So this is where you posted before you had churchworksmedia…

  29. This is the place, Taylor. Never imagined it would develop as it has, All grace. (Ps 115:1)

  30. The International (MK) Choir is going to be singing your song “For the Sake of His Name” in chapel at BJU next Tuesday.

  31. Hello Pastor Chris, I wonder if your spanish friends will be translating more or the hymns you have written. We already had used the 4 hymns that are already translated to spanish… the words are a blessing and the music is special.
    I hope we can have more of them in spanish.

  32. Brother Chris,
    Our family sang “My Jesus Fair” this morning for special music. It’s a new song to our church, so my husband read your doctrinal notes before we sang. I think it helped to draw everyone’s attention to the words of the song. It’s packed with rich doctrine and irony that you don’t normally hear in a lot of songs but the words and music are a beautiful match. Thank you for writing it. It will continue to speak to my heart as we focus on Christ’s death, burial and resurrection this week and I know it was a blessing to our congregation this morning.

    Denise Beverly
    Beckley, WV

  33. Dear paster,
    Iam Amanda. please pray for my family and studies.
    Iam from sri lanka.

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