What I’m Reading

Here’s a “coffee is hot” disclaimer for you: The fact that I’m reading a book does not mean that I endorse its author, its content, its publisher, its cover designer, or the retailer from whom I bought it. Just that I’m reading it. So that’s out of the way…

I don’t pretend to be a great reader, but I enjoy reading immensely. My reading choices are usually determined by what I’m preaching at the time. However, in addition to study for my pulpit ministry, I try to read for personal enjoyment and edification or to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world. Plus, I believe you must read well to write well. I love classic novels. (There’s a reason people are still reading Austen, Hugo, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Melville, and Hawthorne.) Sometimes I read children’s books that my girls are reading, to share the experience with them. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.) I’m working to give more attention to reading Christian biographies and books about missions. But, you know how it goes: reading lists are often more of a wish than a fact. I have four young daughters and a wife, after all.

As I read these books, I’ll occasionally make posts about things I think are really good or really bad. When I’m finished, I’ll try to do a quick review. (The links below are to Amazon, so you’ll have to do a search of the title here on the blog to see if I’ve addressed a particular book. You can find MTC book discussions here.) I’d welcome feedback here or on the posts devoted to particular books. The benefit and pleasure of reading are enhanced, I think, by interaction.

The following are books I’m reading now (some more, some less):

The Reformed Pastor   


The following are books which I’ve recently read, some of which I’ve discussed at MTC:

Humility Andrew Murray * Tozer on Worship * Mahaney Humility * Bauder DVC *

Big Picture for Small Churches * Journey * The Grapes of Wrath * Piper Desiring God *

More Like the Master * Stop Dating the Church * The New Testament Deacon * The Deliberate Church *

Worship by the Book * Last of the Mohicans * Contending for the Faith * Give Praise to God *

Success Syndrome * Flags of Our Fathers * Life of David * The Rapture

Scarlet Pimpernel War of the Worlds The Cross Centered Life A Gospel Primer

Law and Grace Really is a difference Flyboys For the Sake of His Name

Fight to the DeathRottenberg Greatness of the Kingdom When Sinners Say I Do

Murder of Jesus What Mark of the Lion Trilogy Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ

KJV DebateShepherding a Childs HeartGospel for Every Day LifeIn The Beginning

Redeeming Love Cross and Christian Ministry 9Marks

Ryken City on a Hill Wages of Spin Kite Runner Knowing God

Les Miserables Elder Thousand Splendid SunsMagician’s Nephew

Ryle Holiness

Studies on the Person of Christ Living the Cross Centered Life

evangelical-doctor Blinded by Might

boice-nehemiah hunger-for-god wiersbe-nehemiahappeal

everyday-talk epochs-in-the-life-of-christ

gundry_jesus-the-wordsix-hours-one-fridayPostman Amusing Ourselves to DeathCross of Christ

worship-mattersAmazing Grace Metaxas death-by-love Dever Personal Evangelism

Bible Basis of Missions In My Place CondemnedJaeggli Drinking Near the Cross

John Calvin Heart Filops Sex, Romance, Glory Northanger Abbey

Ordering Your Private World Hudson Taylor and Maria Jerusalem to Rome Forgotten Factors

A Garden to Keep The Shack Saint Sex180

Three Cups of Tea Mark of the Lion Arruda

Piper Let the Nations Be Glad


Saved by Grace






 Something happens when churches pray 

  *  * 



8 Responses

  1. Hi – Your book list looks awesome – I am curious to know what you thought of “Future Grace” It changed the way I think about sanctification. I am a member at a Sovereign Grace church, so a lot of the stuff on your list is sold at my church. By the way, I live near Carl Truman and get to hear him once in a while. I have met him at 10th Presbyterian Church.

  2. […] What I’m Reading […]

  3. Hello,

    Great books! We are in the same line..

    Pastor Al MArtin is one of my favorite Preachers..
    God bless you…..

  4. I’ve read through “Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts” once and am working my way through it again. His sovereignty is something that He has been teaching me a lot about these past two years and it’s been exciting to see personal growth in my interaction with this truth. It’s been amazing to see Him working. Have you read “Discipline of Grace” by Bridges? I’m looking at getting it to aid in a study on grace this next year.

  5. So many Christ-centered, God-exalting, Gospel-saturated books you’ve got here Chris…especially one from my absolute favorite author, the great Bishop of Liverpool, England John Charles (J.C.) Ryle [1816-1900].

    VERY nice selection.

  6. Hello,
    I’d like to know your thoughts on books that are considered “classics” but sometimes have innapropriate material. I am hesistant to read these books, because of their content, but because they are “classics” would it be ok to go ahead and read them?

  7. I am presently reading “Future Grace”. So far I am enjoying it. Wolud you say that trusting in “future grace” is really just resting in Christ and His work on the cross?

  8. I noticed you have a lot of books on your list. My husband wrote a book called “A beacon of Hope”. It’s a fantasy book the christian morals and character. Check it out! The other two in the series will come out in 2011. He is hoping people will use his book as a witnessing tool. Thanks for your time.

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