Sneak Peek: “Come, Lonely Heart” MP3

A few weeks ago I was able to travel to Dallas for a new ChurchWorksMedia project. Here’s the backstory. Paul Thompson arranged two of our hymns for Stonebriar Community Church’s orchestra, choir, and congregation a few years ago, unbeknownst to us. He sent the recordings and arrangements to me and allowed me to post them online. Those arrangements have been a blessing to many, both as MP3s and as PDFs. Paul has a wonderful philosophy of arranging for congregational singing, and he’s exceedingly gifted. The combination of CWM texts and tunes (most of which are written by Greg Habegger), Paul’s arrangements, and Stonebriar’s musicians was a “perfect storm.” I asked Paul if he’d like to do it again—like 10 more times. He said yes, and we collaborated on a total of 12 CWM hymns, which we’ll be releasing soon as a feature CD and as congregational arrangements for piano and organ or full orchestra.

The day after the recording (which was amazing), Stonebriar learned Come, Lonely Heart as a new hymn. It was an unforgettable experience to hear the orchestra, choir, pipe organ (the largest of its kind in the world), and over 3000 people rejoicing in the grace of God extended to the Samaritan women in John 4 and to Samaritan women like us ever since. The last verse just about overwhelmed me. It’s just glorious. The recording below is from that service, so it’s not the version we’ll be releasing on the CD. But it gives you a feel for the beautiful, congregational sound we were after. I trust it will be a blessing to you and whet your appetite for the rest of the CD. And most importantly, I trust it will exalt our great Savior. Grace!

Come, Lonely Heart MP3

Text / Notes / Hymn PDF


Youth Choir Singing “His Robes for Mine”

I was moved to tears as I heard and watched so many young people singing of our great Savior. I pray that the truths they voiced will change their lives. Grace.

(HT: Dan Forrest, Greg Habegger)

Choral Arrangement: Come Quickly, Lord

I’ve looked forward to someone arranging Come Quickly, Lord for choir ever since Greg Habegger and I wrote the hymn version a few years ago. Brian Buda has now done so, and it’s being published by SoundForth as part of it’s ChurchWorks Choral Series. Brian does a beautiful job capturing both the lament and the expectancy of the song. Here’s the publisher’s description of his piece:

Here is a new arrangement of a well-loved ChurchWorksMedia hymn. “We long to hear the joyous cries and join the ransomed throng” is a believer’s plea to see Christ. With decorative piano accompaniment and swelling voices, this anthem will be a favorite of your choir and takes little time to rehearse.

You can here the demo here, order the arrangement here, read my notes on the text here, and get the congregational version PDF here. Grace!

CWM Hymn Night at Burge Terrace

Last weekend I was privileged to minister the Word at Burge Terrace Baptist Church in Indianapolis. I had a tremendous time of fellowship with them and was excited to see and hear what the Lord is doing in that body of believers. It’s a “grace place,” and their pastors are great examples of humble, gospel-centered leadership. I preached for their men’s retreat (once I dried off from my kayak excursion), then preached from John 4 in their morning worship service: “I Am a Samaritan Woman.”

Sunday night I got to take part in a “singspiration” of hymns from Burge Terrace is the former church home of my hymn-writing partner Greg Habegger, which made it especially enjoyable. I would spend about 5 minutes explaining the text of a hymn (how it was written, the passages behind it, etc.), then we would sing that hymn as a congregation. You can hear my explanations from the service here, though the congregational singing has been edited out. You can also hear recordings of the 6 hymns we covered (in order) at the links below. It was a moving, edifying night, during which I trust the Lord Jesus was exalted (Psalm 115:1). Grace.

New Hymn from CWM: “Relentless Love”

Greg Habegger and I have collaborated on a new hymn which celebrates Christ’s love for the Christian—a love that is undeserved and unrelenting. We trust that Relentless Love will edify the church and exalt Christ. The text of the song and its links (including PDFs) can be found below.

As usual, many friends were involved in the editing process. This time, David Hosaflook and I enjoyed special fellowship around this great theme, and his input was exceedingly helpful. Thank you, David.

Relentless Love (Text by Chris Anderson; Tune by Greg Habegger)

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Relentless love embraced my soul in ages past—
Love undeserved, unknown, yet deep and vast.
God set His love on me—on me, in spite of me!
Salvation’s work is His from first to last.

Unbounded love, unfailing love,
Love raised upon a tree;
Unending love, prevailing love—
My Savior’s sovereign love for me.

Relentless love pursued my heart, though I would hide—
Love unreturned, yet undeterred by pride.
Till by a grace unsought, my rebel soul was caught—
Redeemed by love that would not be denied.

Relentless love preserves my life from unbelief—
Sustains me through my sin, my doubt, my grief.
Since Christ has done it all, though feeble, I’ll not fall,
His wounded hands hold me, the sinners’ chief.

Relentless love transforms my soul and its delights—
Exceeds the fleeting joys which once sufficed.
Held by His love for me—a hold which sets me free!—
I have my heart’s desire, and that is Christ.

New Hymn: Gaze on the Christ

The octavo for Gaze on the Christ (written by me, composed by Greg Habegger, arranged and orchestrated by Paul Thompson) has been out for a while, but I’m glad to finally be posting the hymn version at Links and notes below. Grace.



Full Page / Half Page / Text / NotesMP3 / Octavo (buydemo)



  Gaze on the Christ (MP3)



Because God delights in worship that is biblical, thoughtful and fervent—what we often call intentional—please consider the following overview of the biblical texts and theological themes behind this hymn. Continue reading

Two Piano Arrangements of “His Robes for Mine”

Two new piano arrangements of His Robes for Mine have recently been printed by SoundForth. Gina Sprunger’s book I Cling to Christ includes a solo arrangement of the hymn, and Faye Lopez’s book Praise includes a duo arrangement of the hymn. I’m eager to hear both, and I’m grateful that such gifted musicians have made use of the song. I hope the arrangements will point many to the Savior.


Finally, I praise the Lord for my friend and collaborator Greg Habegger. His ability to composes beautiful and stirring tunes that keep heavy texts “afloat” amazes me. Grace.