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Deadline for Christmas Orders

ChurchWorksMedia.com’s Gospel Meditations books are ideal for Christmas and the New Year. Many individuals and churches have used the books (MenWomenMissionsCombo) as affordable, faith-building gifts. Be sure to take advantage of quantity discounts, and avoid the rush by ordering soon.


Important: Orders not received by Saturday, December 15th will not be shipped until early 2013. 


Many thanks to Pastor Rob Campbell for this kind endorsement:

As a pastor I am so grateful for a series like Gospel Meditations that lifts our eyes to see Christ! On different special occasions at church we have given out the men’s, women’s, and missions devotionals as gifts to every family. Gospel Meditations have helped us as a church to gradually grow Gospel thinking into our daily lives. Bethel is growing in grace and God has used Gospel Meditations in our journey.”

(Rob Campbell is the Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Sellersville, PA)


Gospel Meditations for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is less than a month away—May 13, 2012. Gospel Meditations for Women has been used by many churches and individuals as an affordable and edifying gift, selling over 12,000 copies in the last two years. If you plan to order, you need to do so soon.

You can read a sample and endorsements here, and you can order this book or its companions for Men and Missions here. Be sure to take advantage of the quantity discounts. And please help spread the word!

By the way, we’re now on Amazon!

Gospel Meditations for Women: Deadline

In light of my upcoming trip to Uganda, orders of Gospel Meditations for Women that need to arrive by Mother’s Day (May 8, 2011) need to be placed before midnight this Friday, April 29, 2011.

The booklet has been extremely well received, by God’s grace, and is being used by churches and individuals as an affordable and edifying gift, appropriate both for believers and unbelievers. Get more info and read endorsements here. See a sample PDF here. Place orders here.

(Speaking of endorsements, thanks to Dan Phillips for another nice link.)

Gospel Meditations for Women and Mother’s Day 2011

Over the last year ChurchWorksMedia.com has shipped out 7000 copies of our ladies’ devotional, Gospel Meditations for Women. Many of those were sent to churches that were looking for an edifying, non-wilting gift to give to ladies on Mother’s Day. We’re gearing up to fill more orders, especially as Mother’s Day is fast approaching (May 8, 2011). Last year we sent several rush orders during the last week before the holiday, but that won’t be possible this year. Please get your orders in soon!

Details and sample pages can be found here. Orders can be placed here.

If the devotional has been a blessing to you or those in your assembly, feel free to chime in with a comment below or post a link via the social media site of your choice. :) Grace.

Last Call…

I know, I know. I passed the “Update Fatigue” point regarding Gospel Meditations for Women several posts ago. Sorry. Consider this a public service announcement rather than an advertisement.

Per the US Postal Service, Priority Mail should arrive 2 or 3 days after shipping. That means that tomorrow (Wednesday, 5/5) is realistically the last day we can ship GM4W in time for Mother’s Day. And getting them to the post office in the morning would be better than in the afternoon. If you’re considering giving them out on Sunday, you need to order pronto. We’ll do everything we can to get them to you.

Of course, we are hopeful that the booklets will be useful for non-mothers and for more than a weekend. We’re getting a lot of orders for 1 or 2 or 5 copies in addition to the mass orders from churches. That’s encouraging. We hope that will continue and increase as the books get “out there.” For those who are interested, we’ve sent out 5000 copies, and we’re receiving 2000 more tonight. That’s far more than we anticipated just a few weeks ago. Thanks for the enthusiastic reception. Praise the Lord.

You can get more information here, view a sample pdf here, and order the booklets here.


Previous GM4W posts: here, here, here, here, and here. (Like I said, information overload.)

Get GM4W in Time for Mother’s Day

By God’s grace, ChurchWorksMedia.com has sold over 4000 copies of Gospel Meditations for Women in the last two weeks! We can still take orders and have them delivered to you in time for Mother’s Day. However, you need to place your order right away. There will be a charge for Priority Mail, but your procrastination hasn’t made delivery impossible…yet. :)

We’re confident that the Lord will use the booklets to point the ladies in your church or family Christ-ward. Each day’s article suggests a Scripture reading, unpacks a portion of the passage, then concludes with an application to everyday life: “Let the Gospel affect your ____.”

You can get more information here, view a sample pdf here, and order the booklets here.

Thanks to Justin Taylor, Jenni Naselli, and Diane Heeney for their blog links. And thanks to Holly Stratton, Wendy Alsup, and Dan Phillips for their kind commendations. SDG.

GM4W Sold Out. More Ordered. So Hurry. :)

We received 3000 copies of Gospel Meditations for Women from our printer last night at about 8:00pm. The Tyrpaks came over for pizza and box stuffing, and they stayed until 1:30am. After filling 72 orders, all 3000 copies are gone! We’re very grateful for the positive response, both from individuals and churches. Praise the Lord.

We have a second order in and will have more booklets in hand by the end of the week. We’re still  able to get them out in time for Mother’s Day if you order soon, though we may need to charge a bit more for shipping. It won’t be too bad, though, and it will allow you to give gifts that are spiritually edifying. Just let us know right away. (In other words, “Hurry up!”)

Praying that the books will be useful to Christ’s church!

Chris for Joe

(Order here. See a sample pdf here. Read more info here. View previous GM4W posts here, here, and here.)