Hymn Testimonies and Comments

Psalm 115:1 — Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but to Your name give glory, because of Your mercy, because of Your truth.

Jim Bishop, Music/Singles Pastor of Tri-City Baptist Church in Independence, MO

I am thrilled to be able to add this song to our repertoire of hymns of worship. Its “singability” and wonderful text are such a blessing. Thank you for providing this wonderful text that I know will aid in our worship and help our people in better knowing their Holy, Mighty, Worthy God.

That note was followed by this one a few weeks later, introducing the song to several other ministers of music:

Attached is a song that I recently taught to our congregation and it has been a tremendous blessing. I think you will find it very “singable” and doctrinally rich. Because of these two things, the song is quickly becoming one of my personal favorites. Our people are loving it.

Mike Goldfuss, Missionary in Mexico City

[Speaking of His Robes for Mine] Wow Chris. What a powerful hymn. I just listened to the midi player with all the verses singing along with it. Beautiful, majestic and sobering.

Bob Kauflin, Pastor of Music and Worship of Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, MD and Director of Worship Development of Sovereign Grace Ministries

Just read through your hymns. They’re excellent. Greg Habegger (a friend of yours?) writes some wonderful melodies.

Holy, Mighty, Worthy—You have a great sense of symmetry and balance. Each verse beginning and ending with the same acclamation. Nice. Also, the lyrics of each verse are appropriate to the specific acclamation. That’s effective. I like the melody and harmony of the second line especially.

His Robes for Mine—Beautiful lyrics. Especially like verse 3, and I like the progression of the lyrics in this hymn.

Have you submitted these to anyone for publishing? They’re very good, Chris. You are obviously a craftsman when it comes to lyric writing.

DEFINITELY, keep writing, Chris. These are some of the finest modern hymns I’ve seen by someone who isn’t published. And they’re better than a lot of the ones that ARE published.

Thanks for using your gifts to glorify the Savior.

Holly Stratton, Teacher and Wife of the President of Clearwater Christian College in Clearwater, FL

Chris, your music is beautiful, and I’m hoping we can use your songs at CCC.

Chuck Anderson, Pastor of McCarol Bible Church in Denver, CO (and my Dad)

[Speaking of His Robes for Mine] Wonderful truths in this song. We use it often during communion.

Kris Stephens, Music Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Midland, MI

[Speaking of I Love Your Church] Let me add my words of commendation. Great job, Chris. I love it!

Jesse Bartz, Missionary in Toronto, Ontario

[Speaking of My Jesus Fair] I am very thankful for My Jesus Fair. We sang it last Lord’s Day and intend to do so again this coming one.

I am longing for that day when with unfettered eyes and untainted hearts we will join the eternal choir to sing “You are worthy!” to our God and Saviour. God used your hymn to lift my eyes to Christ.

[Speaking of Holy, Mighty, Worthy] I am planning to introduce Holy, Mighty, Worthy when our little group has My Jesus Fair down a little better. I printed Holy, Mighty, Worthy the other day and sang it together with my wife in our music/ school room. We appreciated it very, very much…[T]he song beautifully expresses truth from Revelation 4-5.

Linda Rupert, Missionary in Korea

The people at my church absolutely love My Jesus Fair. I taught it to my 6th grade class (Korean kids) as well, and they sang it for chapel. I wish that I had made a video of it. They sounded great, and one of the teachers said that it made her cry. People have told me that love the lyrics. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to more!

Dave Stertzbach, Music Pastor of Tri-City Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ

You have achieved what good hymnwriters seek: clear, simple ideas expressed in parallel literary style; doctrinal statements that reflect belief and practice, while being broad enough to be affirmed by congregations, word choice that incorporates Biblical language, allusion and thought.

Roger Willis, Pastor of Lighthouse Bible Church in Simi Valley, CA

I really appreciate the lyric and music for My Jesus Fair…Thank you for your faithfulness and willingness to share some excellent songs.

Andy Rupert, Member of Bible Community Church in Mentor, OH

My Jesus Fair was sung for special music Sunday morning. Many people mentioned the words pointing them to Christ. That’s what it’s all about.

Bob Bixby, Pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church in Rockford, IL

[Speaking of My Jesus Fair] Praise the Lord for a great song. As soon as I saw the music, I knew that your friend had found a tune that will help this song have a longer life. It has a Getty quality and sound to it. This hymn could play just as well with a guitar as with an organ.

Your lyrics are good and the music is written in a very comfortable range. And there are pleasant surprises. The first line of the hymn resting on the tonic (thorns) is brilliant, I think. It gives a congregation time to get focused on the song before they are doing all kinds of vocal gymnastics that don’t have any correlation with the text. I think the key to hymns for our congregations today is simplicity and unpredictability.

On the other hand, the high notes (the high D which is high for today’s congregations) are placed exactly where any thinking congregation would instinctively swell vocally: love, joyful, praise. Brilliant.

[T]here are some good songs that leak out from small sectors of the Body of Christ to the rest of us. This one seems to me to have some potential, especially if you don’t try to market it and get rich!

Then, again, it may not pass the test of time or even get sung outside the circle of your friends. If that is the case there is still no loss: it has been a blessing already.


Mark Perry, Assistant Pastor of Westerville Bible Church in Westerville, OH

I really like My Jesus Fair. WBC would like it. By the way, we thoroughly enjoyed your His Robes for Mine and sang it as a “Hymn of the Month”, every Sunday PM for the month of July.

Sam Knisely, Member of Hillside Bible Church in Mifflinburg, PA

I have appreciated your hymns. I thought of “His Robes for Mine” on Sunday when I got to teach on Christ’s righteousness from Philippians 3:8. Shame on me for not having it memorized or pasted in my Bible so I could share it with the others.

Blessings on your future projects.

Kent McCune, Member of Inter-City Baptist Church in Allen Park, MI

Just wanted you to know that My Jesus Fair was sung as a solo yesterday morning in our worship service. It was a great blessing. One of the musicians in our church set the song into an arrangement with beautiful piano accompaniment and Ben Russell sang the solo. It fit in perfectly with the theme of our worship service songs and Scripture reading.


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