Our Puzzles

For some reason, my girls and I have become obsessed with puzzles. Weird, I know. It’s absolutely pointless, except that it gives us some great time together and is utterly relaxing. Besides, losing pieces to our Westie is a good test of my sanctification.

As we knock off new puzzles, I’ll post them here…just because. Feel free to post links to your favorite puzzles in the comments section, though I won’t hold my breath.

I know: I’m a nerd. Don’t tell my girls.


Saguaro Dude RanchPuzzle #1

  • Title: Saguaro Dude Ranch
  • Artist: Heronim (brother of Charles Wysocki)
  • Pieces: 1000
  • Start Date: 12/26/07
  • End Date: 12/27/07
  • Pieces lost to the Pooch: 2.5


Holiday at the BeachPuzzle #2

  • Title: Holiday at the Beach
  • Artist: Heronim (brother of Charles Wysocki)
  • Pieces: 1000
  • Start Date: 12/27/07
  • End Date: 12/31/07
  • Pieces lost to the Pooch: None


Smoke Creek LandingPuzzle #3

  • Title: Smoke Creek Landing
  • Artist: Charles Wysocki
  • Pieces: 1000
  • Start Date: 1/1/08
  • End Date: 1/3/08
  • Pieces lost to the Pooch: 0 (we’re on vacation)


Lewis and Clark puzzlePuzzle #4

  • Title: Lewis & Clark Expedition
  • Artist: Robert L. Rickards
  • Pieces: over 1000
  • Start Date: 1/14/08
  • End Date: 1/21/08
  • Pieces lost to the Pooch: 0 (wonders never cease)

6 Responses

  1. I love your website and have enjoyed reading some of your posts and your hymns. I also think it’s great that you do puzzles with your girls … my girls and I love to spend time doing puzzles also. I am totally impressed that you did a 1000 piece puzzle in one day! We’re not quite up to that yet!

  2. Hi, Michele! Thanks for chiming in!

    Ironically, we just finished number two about 5 minutes ago and had no pieces lost to the pooch. Success!

    About the speed thing…

    1. It was a vacation week.
    2. It was actually two days: early morning 12/26 to late 12/27. And, as you’ll notice, it was actually a 997.5 piece puzzle. (Ugh.)
    3. You’ll also notice that the puzzles are quite simple—lots of colors, etc. We’re not really ready for a real-life autumn photograph. :) That said, my 6, 8, and 10-year-olds are doing great, and we’re having a great time!

  3. Chris,
    It’s really hard to get a picture of a completed puzzle without a glare! We started this 1000 piece by Heronim on Saturday evening and finished it last night. We have a cat that, if allowed, would sit on every table in the house. And most mornings we find whatever was on the table on the floor. We use our dining room table since it is a great size and in between puzzling we cover the whole thing with a table pad. At dinner time, we just put a table cloth over the pad and all is well.

    I’ve got one coming in the mail that I think will be fun. The website is a great source as well.


    I’ve never made a shaped one before.

    Have a great week and GO BUCKEYE’S!

  4. Working on a new one. It’s a little more educational, following the trek of Lewis & Clark. It’s also very difficult. It’s over 1000 pieces, has a ton of weird shaped pieces (that fit together with difficulty), etc. Much tougher than the less realistic pictures we’ve done heretofore.

    One more thing: doing puzzles on a padded card table is a bad thing. Major life lesson there, eh? Never say MTC doesn’t make a difference.

  5. For both of you who care about this silly page, I’ve buried it under the “About Me” page. A page on puzzles isn’t exactly central to what we do at MTC, so I opted that giving it its own tab was a bit…well, silly.

  6. Done with the Lewis & Clark. Tough one!

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