Rejoice with TCBC and Joe Tyrpak

Joe Tyrpak was selected to be the new Senior Pastor of Tri-County Bible Church yesterday afternoon with an overwhelming vote of 98%. I rejoice for him and for the church. I thank God for allowing this transition to be so smooth, demonstrating the Spirit-produced unity described in Ephesians 4:3. I’m certain that the Lord will continue to use Joe and TCBC to bring great glory to Himself. Joe has been an ideal co-laborer, functioning humbly and effectively as an Assistant Pastor. It’s been my great privilege to work alongside him and to be sharpened by him. As I’ve said many times, I’ve had a great pastor for the last 7 years!

Thank you for your prayers for us. Please continue them, and rejoice with us. Grace!

(Related: If you’ve not yet listened to Joe’s message from Joshua 1 on leadership transitions, I commend it to you.)


One Response

  1. thank the Lord for such unity! BCC and MCS are grateful for your thoughtful, careful service with the Word!

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