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Writing a blog post takes time. Linking to others’ worthwhile thoughts takes less. Here are some things I’ve appreciated in recent days, along with some links to helpful resources:

Brian Fuller’s Blog

Brian Fuller, a classmate of mine at BJU and a like-minded friend, is the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Concord, New Hampshire. We enjoyed some sweet fellowship when my family was there last year. I’ve appreciated two recent posts from his blog: “Fundamentalists and the M-Factor” (on relating to the next generation of church members and leaders) and “Let the People Sing” (on the importance of music in the church, with a word of thanks to Fred and Ruth Coleman). Good stuff.

Another Good CD from the Pettit Team

I was asked to say a word about the new CD from the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Association, Before You Now. I did, gladly:

“Recordings from the Pettit Evangelistic Team have pointed me to Christ for years. ‘Before You Now’ does so again. It’s joyful, fervent, and Christ-centered. I love it. Grace!”

Free Jerry Bridges

Jerry Bridges writes extremely helpful things. They’re worth buying. And when they’re free (as this book on church life is right now), they’re certainly worth downloading. Do.

Funny. Kinda.

(Insert disclaimer here.) This tweet from Max Lucado is funny. Mostly.

“For every action there is an equal and opposite criticism.”

Watchsong Video

Another friend doing great work for our Savior is Paul Keew. He has a burden and gift for writing new hymns (like one of my favorites, O God, My Joy), which he posts as his website, Watchsong. He explains why in the following video, which hits some of the same notes Brian did in his blog posts, including a nod to the Colemans.


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  1. I really appreciated this succinct exposition of the reason behind the creation of new hymns and sacred songs.

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