Recording the New ChurchWorksMedia CD

Tomorrow I leave for Dallas, where we’re recording a new CD of hymns with the orchestra and choir from Stonebriar Community Church. You may remember that Stonebriar has previously recorded two CWM hymns during live services (blog posts here and here). Now they’re helping us record our first CD, which will feature 12 of our hymns, all arranged for orchestra and congregation by my talented friend Paul Thompson.

The CD will include favorite CWM hymns like His Robes for MineI Run to Christ, For the Sake of His Name and My Jesus, Fair, as well as newer songs like Come, Lonely Heart and Every Knee Shall Bow. Besides the CD, the arrangements will all be available as sheet music for either piano or orchestra. While the songs will be useful for choirs, the music was arranged by Paul with congregational singing in mind. Details about ordering the CD and sheet music will follow.

Pray for the Lord’s blessing as we seek to exalt Christ and expand the ministry of CWM. It’s a great opportunity, and we have a stellar team. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my gifted friends and co-laborers: Greg Habegger (composer), Paul Thompson (arranger), Peter Hansen (videographer), and Jared Miller (photographer and graphic designer). Should be a great weekend with a great group of guys. May Christ be magnified, both this weekend and through the final result. Grace!


6 Responses

  1. Congrats! Very excited for you guys!

  2. Congratulations Chris. Enjoy

  3. Sounds great, Chris. Looking forward to hearing the results.

  4. Good ole’ Swindoll — Loving fundamentalists while having a Grace Awakening!

  5. Exciting! I’ve been impressed with the two recordings of your hymns that Stonebriar already did. Can’t wait for the CD.

  6. How exciting! I’ve had such great success with Thompson’s arrangements. My all-volunteer church orchestra can play them well. And my congreagtion loves singing with the orchestrations! Singing “His Robes for Mine” with Thompson’s orchestration here in Arizona back in June was a highlight of the FBFI Conference! I can’t tell you how many pastors commented to me that using the choir and orchestra to facilitate the congregational singing was an encouragment for them to do more of that in their churches. Thanks for all your work to provide opportunities for God’s people to praise Him!

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