“For my sin’s sake…for His Son’s sake.”

Consider these gems from Thomas Playfere, an English churchman who taught at Cambridge around 1600:

“He that remembers his virtues hath no virtues to remember, seeing he wants humility, which is the mother virtue of all virtues. For this is the difference between the godly and the wicked: both remember virtues, but the godly remember other men’s virtues, the wicked remember their own.”

“Nay, I cannot hold my heart for my joy; yea, I cannot hold my joy for my heart; to think that He which is my Lord is become my Father, and so that He which was offended with me for my sin’s sake, is now reconciled to me for His Son’s sake.”

Both quotations were made by John Brown in Puritan Preaching in England (edited by C. Matthew McMahon), an edifying and challenging overview of English preaching through the centuries. It’s been good for my soul, and I gladly recommend it.


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