Jesus and Homosexuality: MP3

This past Sunday I preached a sermon on homosexuality, providing what I hope is a thoroughly biblical and hopeful response to one of the most challenging issues of our day. You can find an MP3 of the message here. By God’s grace, people who heard it have expressed appreciation for its content and tone. I labored to avoid the sort of disdain that too often accompanies this discussion. I’d summarize it this way: “The Bible is opposed to homosexuality…and every other sin…including mine.”

Over the next week or two I plan to make a series of blog posts touching on points from the message, especially regarding Jesus’ position on homosexuality. I hope the message and posts will be helpful for many. Grace.


15 Responses

  1. “The Bible is opposed to homosexuality…and every other sin…including mine.”


    along with the corollary, “Jesus died because of homosexuality…and every other type sin…including mine.”

  2. Agreed, Josh. Excellent.

  3. Ezekiel 16:48-50 mentions the sin of Sodom, but not in the way that you’d expect. Great point about God hating ALL sin. My sloth, vanity, materialism, etc. is as damning as homosexuality. So thankful that Christ paid my penalty!

  4. What would be the point of saying that all sins are equally damning or that God is opposed to every sin including mine? Is it an attempt to sound pious?

    God doesn’t speak of all sins as abominations, does he?

    By muting your message, are you echoing God’s message and walking in the fear of man?

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  5. Which sins are not damning? Was Paul attempting to sound pious by calling himself the chief of sinners shortly after condemning homosexuality and other sins? Yes, God speaks of many sins being abominations, including dishonesty, sowing discord among brothers, and pride, to name a few. Finally, no, I don’t think I muted my message in any way, certainly not out of fear of man. Perhaps preaching the sort of red meat message you apparently want would have been bowing to the fear of man. I’m actually shocked that you take exception to this. Strange.

  6. Hi Chris, not taking exception, just wondering why this seems to be the default approach: “I’m agin it, but its no worse than my sins.” What is the point being made? What are you or others trying to achieve by saying it this way?

    BTW, you are making an assumption by suggesting I want a “red meat message”. How do you know that is what I am after?

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  7. “What is the point being made?”

    i think the point chris is trying to make is coming from luke 18:9-14. for too long the impression coming from Bible-believing pulpits and being heard by Bible-believing congregations has been, “thank God we’re not like those homosexuals.”

    this just doesn’t square with proverbs 6:16-19 which chris referred to above nor does it match up with romans 1. i think chris is just trying to be true to the words and tenor of Scripture.

  8. Thanks Josh. That’s all I’m trying to do. I think my approach is consistent with Paul’s discussion of the issue in Romans 1 (and what follows in Romans 2-3) and Paul’s discussion of the issue in 1 Timothy 1, as well. In both places, Paul condemns homosexuality, then makes application to every sinner, himself included. In fact, it’s consistent with the topic’s treatment in the Law. It’s a grievous sin, treated alongside many other grievous sins, all of which should humble us and drive us to Christ as our only hope.

  9. Well, Romans 1-3 don’t strike me in that way at all. He isn’t saying ‘I’m just as bad’, but ‘you’re just as bad’ (rm 2) then ‘all men are equally bad’. He doesn’t appear to include himself in that argument. It’s not his point at all. He’s not saying ‘God gave them over, but no less than he gave me over’.

    And you are still really making a huge assumption when you imply that I am after a Lk 18 pharisaical approach. Hardly.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

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  14. So very needed. I’m always amazed when I have students who claim to hate homosexuality because it’s against the Bible, but then are enslaved to habitual sexual immorality themselves. Let’s hate ALL sin equally, and hold out the Christ of the Gospel as the remedy for every last bit of it.

  15. A very good message once again :) Hate ALL sin equally but love the sinner just as God for Christ sake loved us

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