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New CWM Hymn: “Call to Worship”

I’m very happy to introduce a new anthem I wrote with my friend Rick Nichols. I was surprised during my family’s recent vacation to receive an email from Rick that included an MP3 of the new song. I’d sent him a text in January, but I had no idea that he was working on it, much less that it was finished! It was a thrill to hear it for the first time while surrounded by my girls in our vacation-bound van.

I wrote Call to Worship while meditating on Psalm 57:8-11 (see also Psalm 108:1-5). The Psalms sometimes urge the worshiper to rise from physical, mental, or spiritual slumber to offer to God exuberant, whole-hearted praise. That’s what I was after—an exuberant sound. Rick nailed it, writing a rousing, regal piece for brass, percussion, choir, and congregation. I trust that it will be a God-exalting anthem that effectively inspires Christians to worship our great God.

 Call to Worship Demo

You can find the links and text below. When you listen to the demo, turn your speakers up so you get the full effect of Rick’s work! The octavo (as heard in the MP3) will be available from SoundForth soon. Grace!

(BTW, speaking of new hymns, my gifted friends Paul Keew and Brian Pinner just published a lovely new meditation on Philippians 2 entitled See the Christ. Check it out.)



Single PDF / Double PDF / Notes & Discussion / MP3


Call to Worship

Slumb’ring souls, awake and sing
Psalms to your exalted King.
Join the choir of saints above;
Joy in songs of Christian love.
Give to God a glorious song—
Hands extended, voices strong!

Wakened souls, your anthem raise;
Sing your sacrifice of praise.
Lift your mind, your heart, your voice,
Heed the happy call: “Rejoice!”
Give to God a glorious song—
Hands extended, voices strong!

Joyful souls, let song take flight:
Praise the Father, God of light;
Praise the Savior, Christ the Son;
Praise the Spirit—Three in one!
Give to God a glorious song—
Hands extended, voices strong!


2 Responses

  1. So, this is the first time I’ve listened to the demo and taken a hard look at the text…I really like it! Well done, Chris and Rick!

  2. Oh…and thanks for the plug, by the way!

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