Heritage Conference

I think often about the time of spiritual refreshment I enjoyed with fellow pastors at Heritage Bible Church a couple weeks ago. Everything about the week was a delight—the thrilling congregational worship, the transparent discussions about life and ministry, the laid back schedule that encouraged networking with like-minded men, the fellowship with friends old and new (many of whom I’d met online but not yet in person), the privilege of previewing the latest Dispatches from the Front video with friends Tim Keesee and Peter Hansen. Best of all were the unscripted times of prayer, Scripture reading, and singing each day. My heart was stirred and my resolve strengthened. Thank you to the Heritage Bible Church family for being such kind hosts! It took an army of volunteers to pull the event off, and you did it with grace. And thank you to pastors like Danny Brooks, Matthew Hoskinson, and Eric Sipe for the vision and work to make the gathering happen.

You can download sermons from the General (churchwide) Sessions. Danny Brooks started our time together Sunday morning with this compelling sermon from Matthew 18:16. (Speaking of Danny’s sermons, you need to listen to his missions sermon from Isaiah 52 at the 2012 SGI Conference. It was exceptional.) I was blessed to close each day at the Heritage conference with messages from John 4:

  1. Christ Seeks Sinners (John 4:1-9)
  2. Christ Satisfies Sinners (John 4:10-18)
  3. Christ Turns Sinners into Worshippers (John 4:19-26)
  4. Christ Turns Sinners into Missionaries (John 4:27-42)

Heritage is a model of vibrant gospel ministry—a “slingshot” sending church planters around the world. I thank God for them. Grace!


3 Responses

  1. Thank you for your ministry to us. The Lord used your messages to bless, encourage, and challenge me.

  2. […] and explain the thoughts behind the text. For a sermon series unpacking John 4 more fully, see this post. Finally, thanks to the many friends whose fingerprints are on the text. I appreciate your […]

  3. Keep these artelcis coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

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