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Broncos 1, Elephants 0

You know things are weird when a star QB exercises more spiritual discernment than well-known evangelical leaders.

(Does this make him a hater?)

Seriously, these are important things, and Tebow’s unwillingness to lend his credibility to a cause that confuses the gospel is encouraging. Good for him.


2 Responses

  1. It is laudable that he stepped away. At the same time, if he were on top of things, he wouldn’t have to withdraw because he wouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place. His behavior in other areas (http://www.interference.com/15343-tebow-bono-jesus/) also makes me think that your orange-colored glasses might be tinting your perception just a tad…

  2. Yeah, I’m not holding my breath that his associations will mirror mine (for example). But it’s certainly interesting to see this decision publicized by TGC at this particular point in time.

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