Thank God for “mundane, anonymous, non-descript people.”

Carl Trueman commends mundane ministry in this typically insightful post. Here’s a taste:

“In the real world, many, perhaps most,  of us worship and work in churches of 100 people or less; life is not loud and exciting; big things do not happen every Sunday;  budgets are incredibly tight and barely provide enough for a pastor’s modest salary; each Lord’s Day we go through the same routines of worship services, of hearing the gospel proclaimed, of taking the Lord’s Supper, of teaching Sunday School; perhaps several times a year we do leaflet drops in the neighbourhood with very few results; at Christmas time we carol sing in the high street and hand out invitations to church and maybe two or three people actually come along as a result; but no matter — we keep going, giving, and praying as we can; we try to be faithful in the little entrusted to us.  It’s boring, it’s routine, and it’s the same, year in, year out.   Therefore, in a world where excitement, celebrity, and cultural power are the ideal, it is tempting amidst the circumstances of ordinary church life to forget that this, the routine of the ordinary, the boring, the plodding, is actually the norm for church life and has been so throughout most places for most of the history of the church; that mega-whatevers are the exception, not the rule; and that the church has survived throughout the ages not just—or even primarily—because of the high profile firework displays of the great and the good, but because of the day to day faithfulness of the mundane, anonymous, non-descript  people who constitute most of the church, and who do the grunt work and the tedious jobs that need to be done.   History does not generally record their names; but the likelihood is that you worship in a church which owes everything, humanly speaking, to such people.”

(HT: Ryan Shanahan)


4 Responses

  1. Amen for good ole faithful stewardship! It’s not about numerical growth, it’s not about pomp, it’s not about being flashy or cheek, and it’s not about being the vanguard of ministry. It IS about Christ, being faithful to Him, living life on a daily basis through the cross, and being instruments of righteousness for the sake of His name. Great post!

  2. Thank you God for letting me read this post today! A day that I needed to be reminded that being faithful is what you desire of me and not big things. God help me to be faithful and true no matter what…

  3. […] Thank God for “mundane, anonymous, nondescript people.“ […]

  4. I needed this today. Thank you.

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