New Hymn Text: “Christ Has Won!”

Here’s a text that’s been in my file for a couple years. I’ve dusted it off and reworked it. I hope it will be an encouraging, triumphant anthem for Christ’s church. What a Savior we have!

Christ Has Won!

Born in sin, so sin I craved—
Born, and from that birth depraved.
Till I turned to Christ from sin
And by faith was born again.

Christ has won! My soul is free—
Loosed from Satan’s tyranny;
Loosed from sin’s enslaving cord;
Free, and bound to Christ my Lord!

Dead in sin, my hopeless state—
Dead, with death my timeless fate.
Till by dying, Christ won life;
Raised with Him, I shall not die.

Lost in sin, I groped for help;
Lost, and slinking down to hell.
Till Christ, piercing moral night,
Rescued me and gave me Light.

Bound by sin, I was a slave;
Bound to self from birth to grave.
Till Christ broke my dungeon grim,
Loosing me from me, to Him.


5 Responses

  1. I am so excited to see these new hymn texts and greatly anticipate singing the songs when they are released! On Wednesday nights I lead the music for the youth group at Hampton Park Baptist Church here in Greenville and we utilize many CWM songs in our repertoire.

  2. Another wonderful hymn. I would, however, ask you to review the first stanza with the “order salutis” in view. It sounds to me as if you are saying that you were born again as a result of your exercise of faith and turning from sin. As I understand it, you were regenerated in order that you would be able to believe and turn from sin. When you believed, then you were justified, but you were already born from above before you believed. At least that is my understanding. It is also the understanding of nearly all standard theology books. Perhaps that is not the way you understand it.

    Thanks, again, for all your wonderful hymns!

  3. Hadn’t thought about it, Greg. I’ll do 2 editions, the second of which says “…and to faith was born again.” :)

    [audio src="" /]

  4. That would work :)

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