J.C. Ryle on Christ in the OT

This caution regarding “unauthorized” allegories kind of surprised me, considering its source, though I agree:

“The use of the brazen serpent in [John 3:14], as an illustration of Christ’s death and its purpose, must not be abused, and made an excuse for turning every incident of the history of Israel in the wilderness into an allegory. It is very important not to attach an allegorical meaning to Bible facts without authority. Such things as the manna, the smitten rock, and the brazen serpent, are allegorized for us by the Holy Ghost. But where the Holy Ghost has not pointed out any allegory, we ought to be very cautious in our assertions that allegory exists.” (J.C. Ryle’s commentary on John)


One Response

  1. I can definitely agree with this, how many times have allegories been stretched to the limit to make a NT connection? Well stated above.


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