Gospel Meditations for Missions: Sample and Endorsements

Gospel Meditations for Missions ships this week. You can read about it here, see a PDF sample here, and order it here.

The book received a kind nod and link from my friend Andy Naselli, as well as endorsements from Thabiti Anyabwile, Dave Doran, Will Galkin, David Hesselgrave, and Matt Hoskinson. You can read the endorsements below. I’m grateful that it’s been so well received, and I trust it will be a useful resource. Grace.


DAVID J. HESSELGRAVE (Professor Emeritus of Mission at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and author of Planting Churches Cross-Culturally and other books on missiology)

“Some authors misconstrue what the Christian mission really is. Not Anderson, Crowley, Hosaflook, Keese, and Tyrpak, however. They define, defend and describebiblical mission in ways as arresting and unique as their names. And in so doing they deepen both our understanding of what God is doing in the world and our desire to join Him in the doing of it! This book is something. Buy it; read it; pray it; and commend it to a friend.”

DAVID M. DORAN (Pastor of Inter-City Baptist Church in Allen Park, Michigan, President of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, and co-author of For the Sake of His Name)

“There is nothing happening in this world that is more important than the mission of Jesus Christ. Nothing. What Christ is doing through the Church to call out a people for His name’s sake is the centerpiece of God’s plan for this age and should be the focal point of every believer’s life. Gospel Meditations for Missions is a tremendous resource to challenge and strengthen us about our place in God’s global pursuit of His glory through the gospel of His Son. Take a month to feed your soul and fuel your heart by meditating on what Christ wants done and is doing among the nations!”

THABITI ANYABWILE (Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman, keynote speaker at Together for the Gospel, and author of The Decline of African American Theology and other books)

“Can we do missions without meditating on the gospel?  Of course not.  And yet, how many well-meaning, mission-minded saints go off into the harvest having failed to prepare their own hearts with due consideration of the Good News?  Too many I fear. Gospel Meditations for Missionshelps us slow down to consider what is of first importance that we might hold this treasure more fully in our clay hearts.  I joyfully commend it.”

MATTHEW C. HOSKINSON (Pastor of the First Baptist Church in New York City and author of Assurance of Salvation)

“By almost any standard—the intentionality of local churches to train, assess, and prepare prospective missionaries; the length of time it takes a missionary to raise support; the little sense of gospel partnership we have with the missionaries we do support—Western Christians don’t do missions very well. The reason we don’tdo missions well is that we have not thought about missions well. This book has our poor thinking about missions in its crosshairs.”

WILL GALKIN (Leader of Galkin Evangelistic Ministries, Staff Evangelist at Northland Camp and Conference Center, and Church Planter in Salt Lake City, Utah)

“The Christian’s love for the gospel must be rekindled by spending time meditating on the gospel. The writers of this little book are striving to live gospel-centered lives, and their insights will stir your affections as you read them.”

Ships in time for Christmas.


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