Watch, Read, and Imagine

This video of a deaf lady hearing herself for the first time is beautiful. Watch it, then remember it the next time you read a biblical account of healing. Imagine the emotion that must have surrounded Jesus’ earthly ministry. Imagine the joy of heaven when physical disabilities will be no more. Grace.

(HT: Mathew Sims)


5 Responses

  1. That is awesome in the truest sense of the word. It makes me think…

    I can only imagine when that day comes, when I find myself… standing in the Son.

  2. I know someone personally who has had this surgery, and also know the physician who performed the cochlear implant surgery. It’s truly amazing, and an added blessing is that both are Christians.

  3. That is a great clip! My parents are missionaries to the deaf with Silent Word Ministries. They are a people group that needs more workers for amongst the deaf the workers are especially few.

  4. […] Watch, Read, and Imagine. Chris Anderson shares a video of a woman hearing for the first time and encourages us to imagine the reactions of healing in Biblical narratives and the joy in heaven when all disabilities are gone. […]

  5. […] enjoyed this video very much (as I posted here). I also enjoyed the young lady’s description of her experience on this blog post. What a […]

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