CWM Hymn Night at Burge Terrace

Last weekend I was privileged to minister the Word at Burge Terrace Baptist Church in Indianapolis. I had a tremendous time of fellowship with them and was excited to see and hear what the Lord is doing in that body of believers. It’s a “grace place,” and their pastors are great examples of humble, gospel-centered leadership. I preached for their men’s retreat (once I dried off from my kayak excursion), then preached from John 4 in their morning worship service: “I Am a Samaritan Woman.”

Sunday night I got to take part in a “singspiration” of hymns from Burge Terrace is the former church home of my hymn-writing partner Greg Habegger, which made it especially enjoyable. I would spend about 5 minutes explaining the text of a hymn (how it was written, the passages behind it, etc.), then we would sing that hymn as a congregation. You can hear my explanations from the service here, though the congregational singing has been edited out. You can also hear recordings of the 6 hymns we covered (in order) at the links below. It was a moving, edifying night, during which I trust the Lord Jesus was exalted (Psalm 115:1). Grace.


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