New Missions Anthem

Below the video are some encouraging words from friends who have been blessed by Greg Habegger’s choral arrangement of For the Sake of His Name (MP3 demo). The octavo and an orchestration by Paul Thompson can be ordered online from the CWM Store.



DAVID DORAN  (Inter-City Baptist Church & Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary)

“God has used For the Sake of His Name to bless our congregation. We love to sing it congregationally, and listening to our choir and orchestra present the truths in this song was powerful. This choral arrangement serves the God-centered text very well. I eagerly commend it to you.”

TIM FISHER  (Faith Baptist Church of Greenville, SC & Sacred Music Services)

“I am glad to recommend this wonderful setting of For the Sake of His Name. At Faith Baptist Church this year we are centering our Missions Conference around this very theme, and I look forward to our people learning the hymn. It is refreshing to sing such a solid, biblical text on the mandate of missions. Thanks to CWM for making the hymn so easily accessible to our entire church. We have used several CWM pieces in recent years, and I want to thank Chris Anderson and Greg Habegger for their much-needed ministry.”

MIKE HERBSTER  (Herbster Evangelistic Ministries & Southland Christian Camp)

“As a preacher and musician myself I appreciate the way this piece combines a strong, focused text with an easily sung melody. This is a great song for congregation and choir alike, and it makes a great theme song for a conference or camp. For the Sake of His Name wonderfully meets the biblical standard for music in the church. I highly recommend it!”


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