DBTS Booklist

I’ll often ask friends for favorite resources on a particular topic or book of the Bible (as I did yesterday with Jonah). Well, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary provides a booklist that they’ve recently update and that is extremely valuable for those seeking the best tools for Bible study. It offers the best 4-5 technical commentaries for each book of the Bible, as well as similar lists on theological and ministerial issues. While it can be a bit overwhelming at first glance, if you keep it on file you can reference it when needed. (For example, I’ll generally purchase commentaries and topical works in spurts and only for a purpose, focused on whatever I’m studying or preaching on at present.) You want to buy well, and this will help. You can find the 15-page PDF here. Thanks to DBTS for making it available.


3 Responses

  1. before i buy books i consult DBTS’s list and cross it with http://bestcommentaries.com/ (where you will also find DBTS’s list). dr. custer’s “tools…” and cyril barber’s “the minister’s library” highlight some “golden oldies” since there was quality exposition before 1990!

  2. Chris, I use the list Josh linked and compare with Ligonier’s. Custer’s book and Longman/Carson are just outdated too quickly to be useful to me.

  3. TheoSource has the recommendations from a number of seminaries here: http://www.theosource.com/p/seminary-recommendation-lists.html

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