The Guy You’re Critiquing Really Exists

This blog has been pretty inactive lately—“centsless” is the way I describe it. I do hope to get back to it. I’ve not completely given it up; it just appears that way.

Until I do, here’s a great word from Tim Challies on public disagreements with a brother. I appreciate his candor and humility. I’ve been there. He’s not suggesting that we give people a free pass when they’re publicly mistaken. That’s not good for anybody. But he is urging us not to be unfair, and not to be unaware that the guy really exists—really has convictions, a family, and, well, feelings. I’ve forgotten that at times, and there are people I’d blush to see face to face. Thanks, Tim, for the good reminder.


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  1. This is why I rarely respond to anything on blogs. The lack of thought some people display, and even a complete lack of common courtesy, is sometimes appalling. So even though you don’t see posts from me, I’m reading and (usually) enjoying what you say :)

  2. Randy, thanks for teaching pastoral theology years ago when was I was in the M.Div. Over 15 years ago. Some class periods are still fresh in my mind, especially your practical vignettes on what is “scandalous”.

  3. And Randy, I only “usually” enjoy what I say, too. Maybe even less often than that. :)

  4. Hey Todd, great to hear from you! Wow, it’s been a long time since I last taught Pastoral Theology.
    And to Chris: love your self-effacing sense of humor!

  5. Well, being one of the blogosphere’s resident curmudgeons, I don’t entirely agree with Challies. If the review he mentions was honest, criticized real flaws, then why would he be ashamed to meet the man and say the same things to his face? When men put errors out for public display, they are open to public rebuke, and ought to receive it.

    Granted, it is easy to be just churlish, and any times we commit such offenses, we ought to be ashamed.

    And @ Jaeggli!

    I think I only say positive things about you! I’m waiting for the next book so I can laud you yet again!

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  6. Don, I think Challies said he hadn’t been fair.

  7. Yes, I got that, and if so, then he was correct to react as he did.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  8. I (gulp) agree with Don.

    If one is going to put a piece of work out into the world, one must expect, yea welcome, the honest criticism of fair men. And fair men ought not to fear giving honest criticism.

    Condescension and personal attacks are another thing.

  9. Thanks, Don. Hope things are going well for you in B.C.

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