Dan Phillips, World-Tilter

My friendship with Dan Phillips (of Biblical Christianity and Pyro fame) has developed over the years. We’ve met only once, but we’ve  corresponded electronically too many times to count. Great guy, great thinker, and great communicator. And now he owns a fun story about a guy who blogs because he likes to write and eventually gets published as a result. They should make a made-for-TV-movie about it.

I was privileged to give his first book, The World-Tilting Gospel, a critique when it was still under construction. I appreciated it much, but as I was asked, I inflicted some “faithful wounds of a friend.” Well, it’s now in print (congrats, Dan!). I have an autographed copy, and I was surprised and honored to read the following in the book’s Acknowledgments:

“Thanks beyond the power of intelligible speech to Chris Anderson, pastor of Tri-County Bible Church in Madison, Ohio. A busy pastor and devoted husband and father, Chris gave generously of his time to go over this manuscript with a fine-tooth comb, utterly brutalized me and my purple prose…and I cannot possibly thank him enough (Prov. 27:6). Chris’s comments were on target, wise, penetrating, well considered, and enormously helpful. I owe him big time.”

Wow, Dan. That was a little much, bro. But you’re welcome. And thank you. I’m looking forward to reading it again, this time with an open Bible and a teachable spirit rather than a red pen and a hatchet. :)

You can get WTG from Amazon here or on Kindle here. As you’d expect from Dan, it’s an engaging and edifying read.


9 Responses

  1. One thing: What in the world is “purple prose”??

  2. Ah. So the use of the term “purple prose” is one example of purple prose.

  3. If prose is purple, then is blue like jazz?

  4. Yeah, Shayne, I get Dan Phillips and Donald Miller confused all the time.

  5. That just goes to show that highly-critical, nit-picking people are good for something :)

  6. Andy, as the owner of this blog and the host of this conversation, I refuse to let you speak that way about Dan…

  7. […] Dan’s The World-Tilting Gospel very much (and was surprised to be cited a few times, which was fun). I appreciate both his insights and his engaging and comical writing style. I need to […]

  8. […] the final, blood-letting editors of his book The World-Tilting Gospel. (I blogged about it briefly here.) But I’ve not fully appreciated his diligence as a student or his eloquence as a writer […]

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