New Hymn from CWM: “Relentless Love”

Greg Habegger and I have collaborated on a new hymn which celebrates Christ’s love for the Christian—a love that is undeserved and unrelenting. We trust that Relentless Love will edify the church and exalt Christ. The text of the song and its links (including PDFs) can be found below.

As usual, many friends were involved in the editing process. This time, David Hosaflook and I enjoyed special fellowship around this great theme, and his input was exceedingly helpful. Thank you, David.

Relentless Love (Text by Chris Anderson; Tune by Greg Habegger)

Full Page / Half Page / Text / Notes & Discussion / MP3


Relentless love embraced my soul in ages past—
Love undeserved, unknown, yet deep and vast.
God set His love on me—on me, in spite of me!
Salvation’s work is His from first to last.

Unbounded love, unfailing love,
Love raised upon a tree;
Unending love, prevailing love—
My Savior’s sovereign love for me.

Relentless love pursued my heart, though I would hide—
Love unreturned, yet undeterred by pride.
Till by a grace unsought, my rebel soul was caught—
Redeemed by love that would not be denied.

Relentless love preserves my life from unbelief—
Sustains me through my sin, my doubt, my grief.
Since Christ has done it all, though feeble, I’ll not fall,
His wounded hands hold me, the sinners’ chief.

Relentless love transforms my soul and its delights—
Exceeds the fleeting joys which once sufficed.
Held by His love for me—a hold which sets me free!—
I have my heart’s desire, and that is Christ.


2 Responses

  1. Good. Very good. “I have my heart’s desire, and this is Christ.” That is the sweetest freedom I have.

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