Michael Barrett on Gospel Meditations for Men

Gospel Meditations for Men arrives from the printer and starts shipping today. Around 2400 of the 3000 are already spoken for, so we’re printing more. If you’re considering it as a personal gift or church gift for Father’s Day, please get your order in soon.

My friend Michael Barrett, President of Geneva Reformed Seminary, has given the book the following endorsement:

“I’ve often said that right thinking about the gospel produces right living in the gospel and that the gospel touches every sphere of life. With all my heart I believe this to be true, but the sad reality is that it is easier to say it than to practice it. The stuff of life has easy access to the mind, and life then happens without consciousness of the gospel. Gospel Meditations for Men addresses this problem with pointed and practical applications of gospel truths that are designed to generate gospel thinking that translates to gospel living. The meditations illustrate well how the gospel provides the reason as well as the power for right living before God in this world.”

Other endorsements can be read on the product page at ChurchWorksMedia.com. Grace.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks Chris. I just ordered 50 of them.

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