Quick Updates: Uganda and GM4W

I’m ready to sign off from MTC for a bit. Here are a couple timely updates:

I’ve mentioned next week’s Pastor’s Conference in Uganda a couple times (here and here). Here’s the latest:

  • Whereas 20,000 were expected, 24,000 have registered. Amazing, amazing opportunity and responsibility. Please pray for those who will attend, for the enormous preparations taking place even now, and for those who will be preaching Christ from Colossians!
  • The Lord is providing for my part of the trip through the generous gifts of friends, including a very gracious post on PyroManiacs by my good friend Dan Phillips. Love that guy. I’m just about set. Praise the Lord.
  • I’m amazed by my brother Jeff’s vision for ministry and faith in God’s provision. International Bible Conference has been doing these conferences for years, and the Lord always provides. This year they’ve seen $330,000 provided already, just for this year’s conferences. However, almost $200,000 is still needed for this, the largest conference to date. We need some “heavy hitters” to see the value of what’s happening through the conference and to give generous gifts. (Click here to make a donation.) Please pray about that need, as well, and give as you’re able.

Finally, at the risk of being a nuisance, let me remind you that today is the last day to order Gospel Meditations for Women if you want them for Mother’s Day. “Last call!”


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  1. […] still overwhelmed by  what took place in Uganda last week (previewed at My Two Cents, Challies, and Pyromaniacs). It was, to quote one teammate, “the experience of a […]

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