Greg Mazak Unpacks “Draw Near through Christ”

Dr. Greg Mazak was one of my favorite teachers when I was at Bob Jones University. He continues to be one of my favorite preachers to this day. He communicates engagingly and effortlessly (it seems). He’s extremely insightful, both regarding the text and the human heart. And he is relentless in his desire to exalt Christ from the Scriptures (as a sampling of his sermons will show).

I was humbled and edified by his introduction of Draw Near through Christ (a new ChurchWorksMedia hymn I wrote with James Koerts) during a recent afternoon service at Trinity Bible Church, where my good friend Dale Crawford labors alongside Pastor Mazak to feed the congregation through music. Greg’s explanation of the text and the Scriptures behind it is a great demonstration of how churches can use hymns to teach biblical doctrine, helping people worship with understanding. I’m glad to post the lesson (with Pastor Mazak’s permission) with the hope that it will minister to you as it did me. Psalm 115:1.

  • You can hear Pastor Mazak’s lesson here.
  • You can read the text and find downloadable hymn files here.
  • You can hear a choral version of it (arranged by Koerts, available from SoundForth) below.

Draw Near through Christ (MP3)


3 Responses

  1. that hymn is so rich… I love the progression from Eden to Heaven. Thank you so much.

  2. […] Pastor Chris Anderson recently wrote a marvelous hymn, Draw Near Through Christ. This hymn reminds me of Complete in Him, Dr. Michael Barrett’s book on soteriology. […]

  3. Very good article. I am facing a few of these issues as well..

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