Uganda Pastor’s Conference Update

A week from today I’ll be leaving to preach the book of Colossians to an expected 20,000 attendees at a Pastor’s Conference in Uganda, first mentioned on my blog here. (Thanks to Tim Challies for the link.) The magnitude of the opportunity still hasn’t sunk in, but this report regarding the logistical preparations taking place right now to facilitate moving, housing, and feeding 20,000 people (meaning 180,000 meals!) is amazing. Please pray for them!

As you can imagine, there are still some financial needs associated with the trip:

  • I’m still in need of help with my portion of the expenses, which total $3000. If you are able to help get me there (and back!), you can send a check (designated “Uganda”) to Tri-County Bible Church, 2946 Burns Road, Madison, OH 44057. (Letting me know it’s coming would help me plan, if you don’t mind.)
  • More importantly, there is still about $200,000 outstanding for the conference itself, meaning that several large donors are needed. On the other hand, only $15 is required to help a single pastor get to the conference. For the cost of a pizza, you can help an African national get 3 days of sound Bible teaching, changing his life and the lives of those he’ll influence forever. Whether you can give a large or small gift, pray about helping. Sponsor a pastor, or 10, or 100, or 1000. Gifts made to the conference itself can be made at the International Bible Conference website.
  • Finally, a young man from our church named Greg Miller is spending a month this summer with our missionary Tom Needham in Cameroon. If you want to help get a teen to a mission field where he’ll be mentored by a veteran missionary, you can send a check (designated “Cameroon”) to Tri-County Bible Church, 2946 Burns Road, Madison, OH 44057.

Please pray for the Lord do demonstrate His strength through next week’s conference. The opportunity is astounding, as are the needs. Pray for safety, for logistics, for soft hearts on the part of the attendees, for wisdom on the part of the speakers. Pray for the power of the gospel to be evident through saved souls and equipped pastors as the preeminent Christ is preached.


2 Responses

  1. We’ll be praying for a profitable trip, Chris. Our teens will be in Uganda on their mission trip this summer, as well.

  2. […] mentioned next week’s Pastor’s Conference in Uganda a couple times (here and here). Here’s the […]

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