Uganda 2011

Last year I shared an amazing report from my brother Jeff Anderson (International Bible Conference) regarding a pastor’s conference in Uganda. This year, I’ve been asked to participate. During the first week of May, I’ll be going to Uganda with Jeff, veteran African missionary Steve Hafler, and (as of yesterday) Matt Schmucker of 9Marks. We’ll be teaching the book of Colossians to an expected 20,000 conference attendees. The opportunities are remarkable:

  • The attendees, who come from a wide range of denominational backgrounds, will be taught the book of Colossians verse by verse. It’s a perfect book for their situation. Many of them will be unclear on the meaning of the gospel and need to be born again themselves. Most who have heard the gospel have been heavily influenced by the errors of the “Prosperity Gospel.” And all of them live in a land that is dominated by witchcraft, superstition, and religious syncretism. They need to hear the supremacy of Christ and the exclusivity of the Christian gospel. The “math” of the conference is amazing: If each of these men would understand the truth and take it to a group of 50 people, 1 million people would be influenced by the conference.
  • Last year each attendee received The MacArthur Study Bible and Jim Berg’s Changed into His Image. This year they’ll receive a gospel flip-chart for evangelistic ministry. Good News for a Bad News World, written and published in various languages by my father Chuck Anderson, contains the story of the Bible in visual form and is loaded with biblical quotations with demonstrate humanity’s need of redemption and the provision of salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Each evening the conference will hold evangelistic meetings for as many as 50,000 to 80,000 people.
  • The opportunities are great, as are the needs. By God’s grace, the flip-charts that are being given as gifts are already paid for, as is a similar conference for 5000 in Kenya next week (where the study Bibles will again be given). The Lord has provided much already. The expense for each attendee in Uganda is only $15—not much, but still totaling $300,000. Around $70,000 has been given in recent days. We’re praying for the rest to come in during the next month.

Please consider helping with the conference expenses with a one-time gift, whether as an individual or as a ministry. The “bang for the buck” in this endeavor is amazing. Gifts can be made online to IBC here, and prayers can be offered, well, anywhere. Pray for provision. Pray for safety. Most importantly, pray for the Lord to display the power of the gospel—clearly taught and applied—in the lives of these men and those they could reach long after we’ve returned home. Grace.


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  1. Hi Chris,

    This is very much encouraging!

    What a glorious opportunity for Christ to be lifted up and praised. I will specifically pray for the believers to be built up in Christ and His word such that they walk away following Christ more faithfully than before, bringing forth the fruit of the Spirit in the world and culture they live in, chasing after godliness as opposed to the worldly lusts we all struggle with. Also, that unbelievers eyes would be opened to the glorious Truth of Christ!

    Godspeed Brother!

  2. Chris, it’s hard for me to even wrap my head around the scope of this opportunity. It’s bona fide B**** G***** territory! Thrilled and praying for you and Jeff (and Matt).

    And hi to Bill Provenzano. Long time . . .

  3. Hi Ben. Which Ben are you?

  4. Sorry Bill. Ben Wright. Usher crew.

  5. Hi,

    I’m in Kenya and wondering if you could share any details about the similar conference you mentioned that’s taking place in Kenya.

    – Chris

  6. Hi,

    I’m in Kenya and wondering if you could share any details about the similar conference you mentioned that’s taking place in Kenya.

    – Chris

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