Riveting Interview of (not by) Martin Bashir

I just finished listening to an interview of MSNBC’s Martin Bashir by pastor and talk show host Paul Edwards. It’s exceptional. You need to hear it for yourself, but here’s a quick summary, mixed with my initial and rather random observations:

  • Martin Bashir provides great insights into Islam, the emergent church, journalism, and society at large.
  • Martin Bashir is a genius, a tireless worker, and a relentless journalist.
  • Martin Bashir knows his Bible and his church history. And he is, in fact, an evangelical Christian.
  • Martin Bashir did both believers and unbelievers a service by removing Rob Bell’s sheepskin.
  • Rob Bell was blindsided by an interviewer that actually cared about facts. He has no one to blame for the embarrassment of the interview but himself.
  • Someone should write a book called Christianity and the Emergent Church, a la J. Gresham Machen.
  • People with British accents sound 42% smarter than the rest of us.
  • Tim Keller is one influential dude.

(HT: Phil Johnson)


8 Responses

  1. …and, MSNBC will probably be taking a bite out of Fox News’ ratings whenever the Martin Bashir Show is on from here on out :-)

  2. I agree with the British accent stat.

  3. Praise God.

    I was listening to a Keller MP3 this week from 2003, and he mentioned that he was aware of at least a dozen such reporters in his congregation at that time.

  4. Aren’t you aware that Foxnews is the only godly source for news? Anyone on MSNBC is instantly tainted from association

  5. ery interesting interview. Bashir took pains to insist that his questioning was based solely on his journalistic integrity, not any evangelical commitments he might have. Yet, I think it is telling that non-evangelical journalists seem unwilling or unable to cut to the chase, theologically, like he did.

    I thought his statement regarding theological positions withstanding questioning was particularly good.

    In that regard, we were talking on Wed night at church about Bashir’s interview with Bell, and I expressed disappointment that no good answer was given to Bashir’s opening question about God’s love and power. That’s an important question that I’m sure lots of people have, so it requires a thoughtful, and theologically accurate response.

  6. Interesting interview. The questions were great…..responses, not so much. I’m just learning about Rob Bell. I wish the interview had been longer.

  7. I just finished Bell’s book and do not believe he ever says anywhere that he is a universalist or that all will be saved in the end. I believe the words he used were more along the lines of mankind are given the freedom to reject God but God will never reject anyone simply because they don’t say the “right” prayer, are baptized the wrong way, are born into the wrong family, religion, nation or culture… Whilst not agreeing with Bell all the time, I disagree with the latest attempts to speak about him in an uninformed manner. Even Bashir can get it wrong, intelligent as he may sound.

  8. One observation you failed to mention was, “Man, if I wanted to make a mother lode of money, I should have been a heretic!”

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