More on Christ in the OT

The blogosphere continues to churn away with thoughts on Christ in the Old Testament. At times discussions like this generate more heat than light, but I’m grateful for the renewed focus on such an important matter. I’m being sharpened by it.

Most recently, my friend Dan Phillips has made two posts at Pyromaniacs, the first borrowing brains about books on the topic and the second introducing his understanding of the issue. As usual, Dan and I see things very much alike. He’s posted an update of the second post with a link to my post on Esther. Thanks for that.

Two related notes:

Regarding Dan’s book question, I’ve benefited much from one authored by my friend and sort of “mentor-from-afar,” Mike Barrett. His book Beginning at Moses is currently out of print, I believe, but if you can find it used, grab it. (Andy Naselli has mentioned that it may be put by Logos along with Barrett’s other books, but unfortunately that’s not a certainty.)

Second, pray for my friend Mark Snoeberger, who has been a big part of this discussion but is currently sidelined by what for a theologian (or anyone else) is a devastating eye injury. Grace to you, Mark.


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