MP3 of His Robes for Mine, in German

I was surprised and delighted over the weekend to receive what missionary friend Stephen King calls a “semi-professional recording” of the German translation of His Robes for Mine. It’s very well done. You’ll recognize the music from Dan Forrest‘s beautiful arrangement, the English version of which is available for choirs from SoundForth and as an MP3 from SoundForth’s recording, Promises. You can hear the German version here or on the media player below.

Here’s Stephen’s description of the recording:

The recording was done by a small auditioned choir.  Each year we have a music camp where we teach new choral pieces that have been introduced into the German market through a Christian camping ministry, Impact.  Some of the pieces are specifically chosen for the sake of using them for a semi-professional recording.  The idea is not just to give the believers here choir pieces they can sing in church but also CDs they can play in their homes.  During the camp we audition those interested and a small choir is chosen to stay after camp to do recording sessions.  The choir is a collaboration between American missionaries and German believers.  We are blessed to have several who have had some musical training and are very good musicians.

The guest choir director for our camp, Dr. Michael Moore, also works with the recording choir and directs during the recording process.  We are so thankful for the gifts the Lord has given him and his willingness to take part of his summer to fly over and help us.  With the Lord’s Grace we have recorded 10 choir pieces for the CD and have been able to add instrumental pieces (guitar mostly) to create a full CD.  The CD was just released last week.

His Robes for Mine was translated by a couple from the church in Heidelberg, Malte and Anne-Dominique Kaufmann.  Malte is also in charge of the publishing side of the camp ministry.

Praise the Lord for the Great Exchange, which is a delight to hear celebrated in any language! The congregational version of Sein Kleid für Meins will be available from soon. Grace.


2 Responses

  1. Michael Moore and Stephen King collaborating on church music is priceless. If only Dan Forrest’s name were Steven Speilberg!

  2. I couldn’t get the mp3 of the German version to work… Could you possibly send it to me? I would love to hear/see the German translation!

    Raissa from Canada

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