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Dick Stratton: A Model of Humble Leadership

Dr. Dick Stratton has resigned from his ministry as the President of Clearwater Christian College. It was through Dick’s influence that I became acquainted with CCC and have had the privilege of ministering to the college family. I love what the Lord is doing there, and I’m grateful for Dick’s gospel-centered ministry. He has done a tremendous job leading the school, both administratively and spiritually. He’ll be missed, to be sure. But it’s a great encouragement for those of us who love the school and the Strattons to remember that our Lord ordains leaders in His church (Acts 20:28). Christ has more interest in the future of CCC than any student or staff member, pastor or parent. It’s His ministry. His name is at stake. So you’re in good hands!

I’m eager to see what our Lord has in store for Dick and Holly and their family. They’ll be a huge blessing wherever He places them. I count them among my closest friends, and I can honestly say that Dick is the humblest Christian leader—probably the humblest Christian man—-I know. His selfless spirit is maddeningly convicting to me: the way he hides his tremendous abilities under a genuine meekness, the way he focuses on all who meet him as though they were VIPs, the way he interacts about controversial issues without an ounce of evident frustration, the way he gets on his knees and picks weeds around my house or the CCC campus. He’s a model of the leadership commanded in 1 Peter 5:1-4.

Knowing human nature and our desire to find out “the real story,” I encourage you to save yourself the effort of looking for some hidden reason for Dick’s resignation. There’s no scandal, no power struggle, no story. It’s downright boring, to be honest. Just a godly man praying about and doing the Lord’s will. Thank the Lord with me for His direction for families and ministries and pray for His continued blessing on everyone involved in the transition.


10 Responses

  1. I simply want to affirm this blog post. I too appreciate the kindness and humility of Dick’s leadership. I wish him well. Grace and peace to Dick and his family.

  2. I am praying for the Strattons. Excellent observations, Chris. The apple did not fall far from the tree. I observed similar godly traits in his dad and mom.

  3. Agreed! We love the Strattons for those very reasons.

  4. Thank you for this post. As a staff member at CCC I am personally going to miss the Stratton family more than I can say here but I am also excited for their next ministry and honored to call them life-long friends.

  5. I agree with everyone above. Encouraging post Chris.

  6. […] friend Andrew Henderson called today demanding a correction and apology. I said in this post that Dick Stratton is probably the humblest man I know. Andrew insists, however, that he is the […]

  7. I was never able to get to know the Strattons in an overly personal way, but I know that I immensely appreciated the testimony of both Dr. & Mrs. Stratton. As a former student, I saw how Mrs. Stratton impacted so many girl’s lives and I absolutely relished in Dr. Stratton’s chapel messages. I really appreciated your post about them and CCC – what a blessing!!!

  8. My husband and I will miss them very much but we are excited about what the Lord has for them and we know that their lives will continue to glory our Lord!

  9. Met the Strattons at Camp Peniel. They’re both wonderful! I remember how he loved holding my then 1 yr old daughter. He’s actually the face that comes to my mind when I think of a humble leader. Hope the Lord leads him to east TN.

  10. Dr. Stratton is exactly what he appears to be. This is a genuine move made of a genuine heart for the Lord. He is going to be greatly missed at CCC, but he graciously is still here for another 11 months! I hope that fact puts to rest any rumors about a scandal in the background. He is a great man of God and the people that see him on a daily basis know that God has stirred his heart for another chapter in his life of ministry. You can take him at his word that this is the real reason for his resignation. Thank you, Chris, for capturing the words to describe Dr. Stratton. Well done.

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