Music Workshop Posted, Pride Article Printed

Two resources MTC readers might be interested in:

The first resource is a PDF of the notes from my music workshop at the Preserving the Truth Conference. The workshop was entitled “Music that Glorifies God.” Due to time constraints (and time management) I didn’t get through all of my material during the lecture, so some of the content isn’t on the mp3 of the session (or in the conference notebook, for that matter). Here are the main points:

Assertion 1: We must be more intentionally biblical in our evaluation of music that glorifies God.

Assertion 2: The Psalms are a model of music that glorifies God.

Application 1: The Psalms teach us how texts can glorify God.

Application 2: The Psalms teach us how tunes can glorify God.

This and other resources from the PTT Conference can be found here. Thanks to Joe Tyrpak, with whom I serve at TCBC, and whose thoughts on the Psalms have been foundational to my understanding. Our collaborative work on service-planning, including the use of the Psalms, was provided as supplementary material for the conference notebook and can be downloaded here.

The second resource isn’t available online but can presumably be purchased in print form. I was invited to write an article on pride for the FBF’s magazine Frontline. I took as my text Luke 18:9-14, where Christ contrasts the prayers of the self-righteous Pharisee and the self-loathing publican. The gist:

“Pride is deadly specifically because it denies our need of the gospel and its saving benefits.”

I appreciate both opportunities and pray that the Lord will use these studies to build up His church and glorify His name. Grace.


7 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting these! I have several friends here at Bob Jones that were able to attend and they all said your workshop would be worth hearing.

  2. Does this site have content anymore or is it simply a promotional machine? I’ve enjoyed your writings in the past, but lately all posts seem to be aimed at selling or promoting your music.

  3. Sorry to disappoint you. Nothing is for sale with this post. In fact, it links to free resources. And the overwhelming majority of those who sing CWM music use the free copies. Tough crowd.

  4. Will you be having Toby Noles music for sale?

  5. Chris,I’ve never left a comment but I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now. I appreciated the link to the Truth Conf. I had though of attending but the drive back to Pennsylvania on Saturday night would have been tough. It was exciting to see all the resources made available. Press on.
    — Pastor Pat Hughes

  6. Some of you guys are funny! I’m getting a chuckle reading some of the comments. It’s great that Chris has a good spirit and can enjoy the good natured fun and not have to delete all the comments.

  7. I love your music, don’t get me wrong. And I think you should get paid for your work – being worthy of hire and all. I was just whining about not getting the good stuff of the bygone days!

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