Two New Choral Arrangements Ready for Release.

Next week at The WILDS Music Conference, will be introducing two new choral arrangements. For the Sake of His Name is a missions hymn Greg Habegger and I wrote for the Student Global Impact Conference in 2010. Greg has provided a stirring arrangement of it that will be extremely useful for churches wanting to emphasize Christ-glorifying missions. Gaze on the Christ is a new (yet to be posted) hymn Greg and I recently wrote, and it’s been arranged by my new friend Paul Thompson (who is also writing orchestrations for both pieces). It’s a powerful hymn on the passion and resurrection of our Savior, growing out of John 1:29.

We first ventured into publishing octavos with My Jesus, Fair last year, and it’s now in its second printing, by God’s grace. We’re excited to add these new arrangements to the CWM collection. Preparing them for press was a major task, and we’re especially grateful to Joe Tyrpak for the beautiful design work. The covers are the most attractive I’ve seen. Finally, many thanks to Wyatt Printing in Akron for their kindness and professionalism. They got our printing done on a ridiculous deadline, even working on Christmas Eve. I commend them to you for your church or business printing needs. (They’ve also printed our devotional booklet, Gospel Meditations for Women.) They’re excellent, and they’ll care for you in ways that big-name publishers can’t.

May the Lord be glorified by these new pieces!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for your work, Chris.

    Is any of the gang interested in entering a piece here:

  2. Update: The new pieces can be purchased here.

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