Two Conference Opportunities

I’m looking forward to a couple conferences at the beginning of the 2011:

  • I’ll be at The WILDS Music Conference in North Carolina on January 3-6, preaching once and introducing some new ChurchWorks hymns and octavos during a reading session (both Tuesday, January 4th). Among other things, I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and to fellowshipping with my dear friend Greg Habegger.
  • I’ll be at the Preserving the Truth Conference in Michigan on January 7-8, then preaching in some friends’ churches on January 9. I’m responsible for a workshop on “Music that Glorifies God” and a general session on “Gospel-Driven Separation” at the conference.

I’m excited (and a bit overwhelmed) by the opportunities. Please pray for me to communicate the Scriptures with accuracy and clarity, to have wisdom beyond my own, and to serve the Lord and His people well on these important issues.


One Response

  1. I think maybe PTC conference needs a third and fourth breakout session hour. I won’t get to attend all the ones I’d like to hear.

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