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New Thanksgiving Hymn: Not to Us (Psalm 115)

In honor of the opening of Tri-County Bible Church’s new home this morning we introduced a new metrical version of Psalm 115. Lord willing, I’ll be posting the full PDF’s soon. (Thanks to Greg Habegger!) In the meantime, here’s the text. I’ve followed the pattern of Joe Tyrpak‘s metrical psalms, representing each part of the biblical text, then concluding with its fulfillment in Christ. It was a great blessing to us to sing the Scriptures, and I trust it will be useful for others, especially as we approach Thanksgiving. Grace.

Not to Us – Psalm 115 (by Chris Anderson)
Sung to St. George’s Windsor (Come, Ye Thankful People, Come)

Psalm 115:1
Not to us be glory, LORD;
Not to us praise or reward.
You alone be magnified;
Only Your name glorified.
For Your unrelenting love,
For Your faithfulness above,
Not to us, but to our King
Honor, praise, and glory bring!

Psalm 115:2-3
Why should heathen mock the Lord?
“Where is He?”—their scoffing word.
In the heav’ns He reigns alone,
Ruling from His lofty throne.
What He pleases He performs;
All to His design conforms.
Not to us, but to our King
Honor, praise, and glory bring!

Psalm 115:4-8
Foolish men in vain have prayed
To the idols they have made:
Wooden eye and molten ear—
Gods which neither see nor hear.
All who to such stones have fled
Shall be like them: dull and dead.
Not to us, but to our King
Honor, praise, and glory bring!

Psalm 115:9-18
Come, you saints and saints to come;
Trust in God, your Help and Home.
All who fear Him, He recalls;
He will bless us, great and small.
Praise Him! Praise your Shield and Lord
All through life, then evermore!
Not to us, but to our King
Honor, praise, and glory bring!

Ephesians 1:6, 12, 14; John 3:30
Christ has claimed a chosen race
For the glory of His grace.
Who but He can praises claim?
Who boasts such a matchless name?
We whose song will never cease
Long to fade and Christ increase!
Not to us, but to our King
Honor, praise, and glory bring!

Copyright 2010 ChurchWorksMedia.com. All rights reserved.


4 Responses

  1. Chris

    Congratulations on the new facility and the release of the new hymn. Psalm 115 was the first text I preached in my church 5 years ago. I look forward to using the hymn version in a service soon.

    Charlie Eldred

  2. A great hymn. What would be the situation with regards to us singing it here in England?

  3. Thanks, Charlie. It was a great day, and singing this after studying the passage together was a special blessing.

    Jonathan, you’re free to use it. I’ll have the PDFs posted at ChurchWorksMedia.com in the next few days, Lord willing.

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