On the Eve of Our First Service in the New Building

My text for tomorrow’s service is Psalm 115:1 — “Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!”

Non Nobis Domine. Grace.


5 Responses

  1. So… the service will be in Latin, then?

    Um, cool.

    (God bless you and y’all.)

  2. Dude, I’ll be doing well to get it out in English. :)

    Thanks bro. SDG.

  3. Chris, I rejoice with you in the transition to the new facility. Soli Deo Gloria.

  4. One of my favorite songs of all time. As a dabbler in Latin I never hear Psalm 115 without it ringing in my ears as those words: Non nobis…!
    I am no lover of Rome but the Latin Vulgate has a majesty that I love and so I follow along every Sunday with Jerome’s translation. It stands out a little less nowadays since I have it on my iPhone and I don’t have to carry my Novum Testimentum Latinae any longer!

  5. I rejoice with you as you continue on in the ministry all for the glory of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. It has been a priviledge to watch the Lord’s ministry grow in Madison and to have been able to partake in some of the blessing with the outpouring of your hymn texts.
    May the Lord continue to receive all the glory as you continue on. The challenges will become greater as you continue to be of spiritual value in the battle on many fronts.

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