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Beautiful MP3, Encouragement from Chuck Swindoll

I was surprised and encouraged by a note I received this week from Paul Thompson, part of the music staff at Stonebriar Community Church, where Chuck Swindoll pastors. They recently used I Run to Christ (which I wrote with Greg Habegger) in a service and sent me a recording of it. I share Paul’s note with his permission:

Hey Chris,

I am the staff orchestrator/arranger at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, TX.  Recently, we found the hymn I Run to Christ and taught it to our staff during staff meeting.  Our pastor, Chuck Swindoll, loved it so much he could not stop talking about it.  I did a quick orchestration for it and we sang it two weeks later in the church.

What a great song.  I love the beautiful music paired with amazing doctrine.  Anyway, I wanted to send you a file of the congregation and let you know there is an orchestration available if you want.

Many thanks,

Paul Thompson

Praise the Lord for the small part ChurchWorksMedia has in pointing believers Christ-ward. To be a blessing to Pastor Swindoll, who has preached the Word to millions of listeners for decades, is an unexpected joy. Grace.

Paul has been kind enough to offer the orchestration as a free PDF for any who would like to use it congregationally. I’ll post it soon. As I told him, the entire thing is stirring, but the modulation into verse 3 is especially glorious. You can hear it or download it here.

Psalm 115:1.


14 Responses

  1. You’re right Chris – that was a beautiful/worshipful recording of “I run to Christ”. As you like to say – Grace.

  2. Wonderful. Rejoicing with you. And when you “cross the swelling tide” you’ll no doubt meet many, many other “nameless” individuals who have also been lifted up, comforted and healed by your work. As your visibility increases, so also do my prayers, friend.

  3. Where’s the Like button?

  4. […] Flee to Christ” Posted on October 14, 2010 by Bob Bixby Chris Anderson is justly gratified by the exposure of his hymn in broader venues and in the beautiful orchestration Stonebriar Community Church added to an […]

  5. Well done!

  6. Beautiful…simply beautiful!

  7. What a blessing this song has been to me these last two days! I hadn’t seen it before, and the words have ministered to me and prodded me to run to Christ instead of avoiding him because I knew things weren’t right in my relationship with him. So tonight, instead of chilling out and watching a video as I often do on Friday night, my husband and I spent time praying together, and I listened to one of my brother’s sermon’s online. And the sermon fit so well with the message of the song. It was from Psalm 143 and titled “Going After God When You’re Tired and Weary.”
    I just wanted to share this with you to let you know God had used his truth that you had expressed in your song to strengthen my relationship with him. As you often say, “Grace!”

  8. […] of Chris Anderson, Stonebriar Community Church recently put together a beautiful arrangement of “I Run to Christ” for congregation and orchestra. You can download the free mp3 […]

  9. […] Some of you comment that you’re unfamiliar with the hymns I post. That will be especially true this time because it is a relatively new hymn! I am not sure when it was written, but I just became aware of it when Chris posted a mention of it on his blog a few days ago, and it spoke to my heart. You can peruse more of Chris and Greg’s hymns at their web site, Church Works Media. Notes on the text to this hymn are here and a lovely orchestration of it can be heard by scrolling to the end of this post. […]

  10. This was just a great reminder of how wonderful it is in the arms of CHRIST!

  11. […] (yet to be posted) hymn Greg and I recently wrote, and it’s been arranged by my new friend Paul Thompson (who is also writing orchestrations for both pieces). It’s a powerful hymn on the passion […]

  12. […] have really enjoyed singing “I Run to Christ” as we finished up the Gospel of John. Here is a link to a recording of the song done with congregation and orchestra. It is […]

  13. […] of their congregation singing I Run to Christ using Paul’s orchestral accompaniment. (Post / MP3) Last Sunday they sang His Robes for Mine, again using an original arrangement by Paul. […]

  14. […] may remember that Stonebriar has previously recorded two CWM hymns during live services (blog posts here and here). Now they’re helping us record our first CD, which will feature 12 of our hymns, […]

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