Bob Bell’s OT Theologies Now Available

New books are introduced to evangelical readers every day. Some are the results of years of labor. Some—often the most widely read—appear to be thrown together over a number of weeks or months. But occasionally a book reaches the market that is literally the result of a lifetime of study. One such book is Bob Bell‘s new book, The Theological Messages of the Old Testament Books.

It is what it sounds like: a resource providing an individual book theology of each book of the OT. It’s a necessary tool. If we’re honest, our understanding of the OT is embarrassingly shallow. We tend to tear favorite OT stories or passages from their original context and moralize them, allegorize them, or use them as proof texts. We preach them in such a way that it wouldn’t matter if they occurred in the Pentauteuch, a Minor Prophet, or a NT Epistle. Dr. Bell’s thorough studies are a safeguard against such abuse of the OT.

I commend it to you. And I recommend that you order your copy right away, as it’s available at a significant ($16!) discount from BJU’s Campus Store over the weekend.


One Response

  1. $24 does sound like a very good price, but be aware when you order it from the BJU Campus Store that their ordering tool does not show the $5 shipping charge they will add for USPS media mail. It isn’t until you get an email from them that your order has been processed that you find out about the shipping charge….so it’s not quite as good a deal as it initially sounds.
    Caveat Emptor.

    It still looks like a very good book.

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