Shades of Orange

I started writing poetry when I was 33. Something like that. My daughter, Rebekah, is getting quite proficient at only 13. I love that. Here’s a poem she wrote for her 8th grade English class.


Orange is crunchy carrot sticks,
The fingers in your lunch box.

It is the temptation to nibble
The tip of a candy corn.

Orange is the gooey cheese in
A grilled sandwich,
The citrus scent of pulpy peels.

Orange is Cinderella’s coach at
A moment past midnight.

It is nail polish and lipstick
Gone wild!

Orange is a chubby pumpkin,
Squatting by wart-covered squash.

Orange is icy sherbet,
Shivering down your throat.

Orange is a ballet of falling leaves,
And the pile of worn-out dancers.


15 Responses

  1. Love the last couplet especially.

  2. Definitely a budding poet there! Fan that spark, Chris.

  3. Wow, Beka, that’s really good! You’ll be writing hymns like your daddy one day…

  4. I’m just relieved to see there were no Broncos references. :)

  5. I’ve read poetry by much older “accomplished” writers that isn’t that good. Kudos to her!

    Also, both you and she (and any lurking poets) are invited to submit your work to Inaugural issue appears Dec 1. Submission period closes Oct 31.

    (Chris, if this post feels too “spammy”, please feel free to edit or delete.)

  6. Well done! She has a wonderful ear for the music of words!

  7. Almost makes me want to go back and teach again just to have the chance of having something like that handed in to me. I love her word choices. (Not sure I’ll enjoy carrot sticks quite so much in the future, though. “The fingers in your lunch box” — ewww!)

  8. Yep. This seals it. She’s one of my faves.

  9. Good poetry stirs the mind. This one must be good because its making me hungry.

  10. Thanks, all. I’ll show her. Budding poets need encouragement. It’s a bit nerve-wracking putting your stuff out there…or having your dad do so!!

    One of my faves too, Alissa. One of four. :)

  11. Did you leave some out? Where is the part about the University of Tennessee?

  12. The last line?

  13. Tennessee? That’s the wrong shade…

  14. Fantastic! She has a gift for language like her dad.

  15. Thanks, Jennifer. She definitely loves words.

    It’s a blessing. And a curse. ;)

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