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Order Michael Barrett’s Complete in Him

One of the books that has most influenced my life and ministry is Michael Barrett‘s Complete in Him. Barrett unpacks the gospel thoroughly, worshipfully, and practically throughout the book, repeatedly reminding readers that “Right thinking about the gospel results in right living in the gospel.” Like I’ve said elsewhere, Barrett was gospel-centered before it was cool. And Complete in Him is Barrett at his best.

Amazingly, the book went out of print and has been unavailable for several years. However, due in part to requests from friends of MTC that it be made available again (for which I thank you!), new copies of the book have been printed. You can obtain a copy (or several) from the BJU Campus Store via this link. I urge you to do so—and quickly! There’s no guarantee that it will be available forever, though I hope it has a long run.

I commend it to you with every confidence it will nurture you and expand your appreciation of our Savior. Praise the Lord that this great resource is available once again!

Note: You can read a slew of testimonials about the book in the comments sections of this post.


6 Responses

  1. And it’s on sale right now–even better!

  2. I just bought my copy. Can’t wait to read it! Thanks, Chris!

  3. Glad to help, Jeff. I ordered 10. And you’re right, Melinda. Nice price.

  4. If you haven’t heard, there is Michael Barrett Collection on Logos. The four-volume set isn’t out yet, but is gathering interest in order to have it published. Just thought you might like to know this. :)


  5. […] with many of them to urge that his books be made readily available and widely read (with at least a measure of success, by God’s grace). You can imagine, then, my enthusiasm when I learned that Dr. […]

  6. […] it was out of print recently. But thanks in part to Chris Anderson’s efforts, it’s back in print for the time being. The others are in limited […]

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