Jeff Anderson, Scripture, and 10,000 African Pastors

My brother Jeff Anderson has been traveling to the mission field to train pastors for years—in Uganda, India, Russia, Albania, Egypt, Thailand, and the Philippines. His influence for the gospel has exploded in recent years. Last year in Uganda he was able to minister to almost 10,000 African pastors, all of whom heard Bible teaching for several days and were sent home with a copy of The MacArthur Study Bible and Jim Berg’s Changed Into His Image thanks to generous donations from individuals, churches, and publishers. The math of such a conference is astounding. Imagine 10,000 men being trained to preach Christ from the Scriptures, then returning home to do so. It’s astounding.

In 2011, Jeff and the mission he leads, International Bible Conferences, plan to reach 30,000 pastors in 5 African nations. The conference expenses are only $15 per person, and another $15 will provide a pastor with a MacArthur Study Bible. The $450,000 for the Bibles is needed right away. The need is great, as is the opportunity. To break it down a bit, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to invest $15, or $150, or $1500, or $15,000. You can contact Jeff if you or your church would like to participate in this ministry, and you can give online here. If you Facebook, tweet, or blog, please make a link to this post to help get the word out.

The following two videos give a visual picture of what the Lord is doing. It’s a joy to see men given and taught the Word, the only thing that can bring save sinners and mature saints (2 Tim 3:14-17). Rejoice with me, and consider participating for the sake of Christ’s name.


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