New Christmas Hymn: Gloria Deo!

Last Christmas I was meditating on the angelic announcements from Matthew 1-2 and Luke 2, and I came up with a new hymn text. I intentionally used the rhythmic word “Glo-ri-a” as the basis of the meter, and I mentioned in a blog post that I was looking for a fitting, joyful tune to carry the text. Well, I received 4-5 worthy tune ideas, but Greg and I decided on Joey Hoelscher‘s. I’m glad we did, as it fits the spirit and cadence of the text perfectly. We’re pleased to introduce Gloria Deo! with the hope that it will help the church echo and join the angels’ great doxology, giving “Glory to God in the highest!” As usual, the PDF’s can be copied freely for noncommercial use. If the ChurchWorks hymns are a blessing to you, however, we encourage you to make a donation to support the ministry.

LINKS FOR GLORIA DEO! (Text by Chris Anderson; Tune by Joey Hoelscher)

Full Page / Half Page / Text / Notes & Discussion / MP3


4 Responses

  1. I love the tune…it has an Easter “feel” to it…as it should!

  2. Chris,
    This song is another good one. I did notice a small error. In both your text and explanation you use the word “yet” in the last verse. However, in the full and half page editions the word is “but”. The phrase construction is a little strained in that sentence, but “yet’ is more helpful. When “but” is used, I thought the word “favored” was describing Christ instead of fallen.

    Thanks for another outstanding contribution to “Contemporary” Christian Music!


  3. Thanks for the kind words, both of you. Writing hymns that believers can use to exalt Christ is one of my great joys and privileges. Grace.

    Billy, I labored over that line before deciding on it, and I understand your thoughts. Ultimately, I decided that “but,” though not so easy on the ear, more obviously indicates that I’m addressing the fallen as the favored, in spite of themselves. “Yet” can have a variety of meanings (e.g. temporal) and seemed to leave it open to misunderstanding more easily.

    I’ll fix the notes. Thanks!

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