Upcoming Opportunities

I’ve not been able to post much here lately. I haven’t quit blogging. I’m just buried with other responsibilities and opportunities, not the least of which is the near completion of our building project(!) and top-priority ministries at TCBC and at home. In addition to these primary things, however, the Lord has graciously opened a number of other doors for ministry. Here’s what’s new or coming up:


  • I was privileged to write the feature article in the latest Accents newsletter from SoundForth. The article is entitled “Get Out of the Way” and addresses the responsibility of those leading worship to magnify Christ, not their own service-managing skills. You can find out more about SoundForth’s Choral Club here.
  • There is a new ChurchWorks Choral Series being published by SoundForth, introduced by my friend Kurt Stephens in this video. The first two installments are Dan Forrest‘s arrangement of His Robes for Mine and Molly Ijames‘ arrangement of I Run to Christ. I’m excited to see what the Lord does with the series, and I’m privileged to be working with such talented composers!
  • Speaking of Molly Ijames, she and I have a piece being published by Beckenhorst Press this fall. I just got the contract yesterday. Grace!
  • ChurchWorksMedia.com has more hymns ready to post once we all have a bit of breathing room. I’m especially excited about Behold the Lamb, which I wrote with Greg Habegger, and a new Christmas hymn, Gloria Deo, which I wrote with Joey Hoelscher.
  • Greg‘s octavo of My Jesus, Fair (published by CWMsample, store) was included in the recent “Select” portion of SoundForth’s Choral Club publication, so  many are hearing and seeing it for the first time. Orders have received a “bump” from the exposure. Because it’s been well received, Greg and I are planning to publish at least another octavo through CWM in 2010.
  • Mac Lynch’s arrangement of CWM’s Your Beauty Fills Our Eyes (which can be heard on Matt and Christy Taylor’s latest CD Everlasting Praise (Amazon) should be available as an octavo from The WILDS this winter.
  • Orders for Gospel Meditations for Women (info, store) continue to come in. In addition to orders from individuals and churches, the booklet is being carried in bookstores at BJU, Northland, and Maranatha. Westminster Bookstore plans to make it available in August, which is exciting. God has used that little booklet far more than Joe Tyrpak or I ever imagined. Again, grace.


All of these are “Lord willing” occasions, obviously (James 4:13-17), and all are evidences of God’s mercy in using us in spite of us. Please pray for the Lord to bless in these opportunities and that I will effectively point hearers, readers, or singers Christ-ward. And if you’re able to join us for any of the upcoming meetings, please do so!


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