Big Weekend at TCBC

This is a huge week of ministry at Tri-County Bible Church. We’re nearing the completion of our building, and we’re taking the opportunity to reach out to our community with a Fun Fair (complete with free food, rides, games, inflatables, etc.) on Saturday July 10th and an Open Air Worship Service (in a tent on our site) on Sunday July 11th. We’re grateful for the help of Pastor Edd Bowen and a mission team from Faith Baptist Church in Davison, MI.

If you’re in the Madison, Ohio area, we encourage you to come! If you’re not, we encourage you to pray—for good weather, for many Gospel contacts, etc. Especially pray as we are sending an invitation and gospel message (pdf) to some 12,000 homes in our immediate area.

Our typical outreach ministry is simply our members taking the Gospel to their spheres of influence. The Lord is blessing that, as many are coming to Christ. But we’re excited about this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our Savior to the people we are called to serve. Please pray for us!


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  1. How exciting!! Glory to God! I know you and your flock have worked hard for this moment. You should put in a “dunk the pastor” booth. Hope you put some pictures up here or on FB. I’d love to see the finished product.

    We’ll pray.

  2. Happy for you guys!
    But a detail: it’s Davison, MI not Davidson. I went to school at Faith in 7th and 8th grades. Alot of fond memories.

  3. It could be worse, Aaron. It started out “Sterling Heights.” No idea where that came from.

    Anyway, they’re from Michigan. :)

  4. I will pray for this event, Chris. Please pray for a men’s golf outing we are hosting on the 17th. There are five churches participating and several unsaved men attending. Pray that the Spirit would take the gospel message given and plant it in fertile hearts and produce fruit that remains.

    by the way, i saw info on the Preserving the Truth Conference. I am going to try to come. Are you going to post info about it?

  5. […] we had over 500 guests from our community attend our Fun Fair, enjoying a beautiful day with us, celebrating the Lord’s provision of our new building with […]

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