Borrowing Brains: Accountability Service for Droid?

I’ve posted in the past regarding my appreciation for programs like Covenant Eyes that provide a filter and accountability for people wanting to surf the web without drowning in its filth (and the filth of their own sinful flesh). Such programs don’t make people godly, which requires spiritual transformation, but they do provide safety while the sanctification progress is going on.

Well, Joe and I recently splurged and got Droids as our phone updates. We love, love, love them. However, we’re having a hard time finding a filter/accountability program that is Droid-compatible. It’s important enough to us that it may be a deal-breaker, causing us to return our phones for something else. Surely there must be something out there, though. Right?

Please chime in if you know of something!


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  1. NetNanny says they have one underdevelopment to be available sometime this year.
    We at our church are also thinking of upgrading to some sort of smartphone. So I’d be interested in your research.

  2. I haven’t heard anything about one for Android, but I know that several are available for iPhone.

  3. I don’t have a Droid (or a smart phone of any kind), but I googled “droid content filter,” and it appears that Verizon offers content filtering on a per-account basis. Go to and check it out. They offer four different sin-levels!

    Of course, there is no accountability for going in and changing your settings, other than perhaps your wives having the Verizon account password. My preference for this has always been a split-password, where you each have half of one long password, and neither knows the other half.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Have you tried flying without one? Just wondering if you’re solving a non-problem? I’ve had the Droid since it caned out, am typing this from an iPad, use both intensely, and can honestly say that I’ve never come across an inappropriate site, unintentionally or intentionally.

  5. Rumor has it that the iPhone will be to Verizon sometime this summer. If you could work it out and wait, SafeEyes has a decent (though not as rigid as the PC based version) filter.

  6. Uhhh…have you ever heard of honesty, transparency, and accountability partners. I know this is a new thing for Fundies, you know the whole truth thing, because everything is so outwardly focused on appearances, but if you try it you might like it. It’s the best filter available.

    Truth actually works!

    I John 1:7

  7. Frank, a program like CE is part of honesty, transparency, and accountability.

    Why you would take a cheap shot at Christian brothers trying to pursue purity is beyond me. Lust is a sin, and I’m trying to avoid it. So is presumption, arrogance, and divisiveness, BTW. Truth works on those sins, too.

    Mercy, Mr. Forthright, save your bullets for the bad guys.

  8. Just heard about Double Agent the other day. Looks like it might be a good fit.

  9. Can you do something with Open DNS? I’m not a web guru, but maybe you can enter the IP address of the Droid and have that do the work for you. Open DNS seems to be fairly easy to use – I hope to set it up myself this weekend.

  10. You can also look into something like X3watch, which is supposed to email your browsing history to another person for accountability purposes. It does advertise a IPhone app, but again I didn’t see anything for Android.

    My guess is that systems like this are far more effective for accountability than just white and blacklists, but something is better than nothing, right?

  11. Double Agent that Phil mentioned is a good fit for accountability. It emails your browsing history to an accountablity partner. It goes for $4.99 on the Droid Marketplace.

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